Windows Guard Tools (Fake Antispyware) Fails to Guard PCs Against Spyware

June 01, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
In an attempt to understand Windows Guard Tools, a number of PC users have found out the hard way that Windows Guard Tools is nothing more than a ploy or scam to rope them out of money. In this whole process, Windows Guard Tools will render fake warning notifications on one's PC screen and follow-up with bogus system scan results.

Windows Guard Tools was created by hackers with the intention on tricking PC users to the point that they may relinquish credit card details to purchase a registered copy of Windows Guard Tools. Gullible PC users think that by purchasing Windows Guard Tools they will alleviate all of the issues that it the fake program has presented to them with. Unfortunately, buying Windows Guard Tools is only the beginning to the scam rendered by Windows Guard Tools.

Security researchers from several trusted PC security outlets, such as, have outlined in new reports how Windows Guard Tools belongs to a large family of malware. Within this group of malware, the researchers have uncovered other programs similar to Windows Guard Tools. These applications, such as Activate Ultimate Protection, Windows Safety Maintenance and Windows Daily Advisor, have an interface almost identical to that of Windows Guard Tools. Additionally, the methods for scamming PC users are virtually the same as those rendered by Windows Guard Tools.

By conducting particular scamming methods, Windows Guard Tools is able to deceive PC users where they end up wasting money on a worthless security program. In an attempt to remove Windows Guard Tools, many PC users have found themselves in a dead-end. This is mainly due to the fact that Windows Guard Tools cannot be uninstalled using the normal uninstallation process through Windows' Control Panel.

As a work-around the limited ability to remove Windows Guard Tools, PC users may utilize an antimalware application to automatically detect and remove Windows Guard Tools. You can find more details on Moreover, all of the files belonging to Windows Guard Tools may be removed in performing a system scan and removal with an updated antimalware program.