Windows Antivirus Rampart Runs Rampant with Its Fake Virus Scanner

June 02, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The computer security researchers at have clearly identified Windows Antivirus Rampart in a new removal report. Windows Antivirus Rampart was found to inject itself into the Internet world and find its way on PCs through associated Trojans and even from downloads obtained on malicious sites. The deception of Windows Antivirus Rampart comes about when it purports an ability to distinguish and rid malware, which it cannot accomplish.

Within the release, PC users will discover many other facts and characteristics of Windows Antivirus Rampart, in addition to several other malicious programs related to Windows Antivirus Rampart. Many of these programs, such as Windows Malware Firewall and Windows Pro Safety, render misleading pop-up messages as a scare tactic. In the process of Windows Antivirus Rampart's deception and thievery, it was found to conduct behavior that gains the trust of computer users. During this process, PC users may feel as if they need to purchase a registered copy of Windows Antivirus Rampart to remove the malware threats claimed by Windows Antivirus Rampart. The unfortunate part of this situation is many PC users who relinquish their credit card details for a copy of Windows Antivirus Rampart, will eventually discover that they have wasted their money.

The effects of Windows Antivirus Rampart are clearly demonstrated in the video linked below, along with a visual account of how PC users are able to safely remove Windows Antivirus Rampart using an affective antimalware application.

The process of removing Windows Antivirus Rampart may be rather complex for novice computer users. This is mainly due to Windows Antivirus Rampart lacking an entry within the Windows Add/Remove Programs feature. Being that Windows Antivirus Rampart was purposely created by hackers to be this way, the utilization of an updated antimalware or antispyware program is sometimes necessary to safely remove Windows Antivirus Rampart from a Windows PC. To learn more about Windows Antivirus Rampart, visit Windows Antivirus Rampart removal report at