Crime Prevention Products Advises Shed Security This Summer

June 04, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Respected security provider Crime Prevention Products warns that garden sheds are some of the biggest targets for small time thieves, since they are often left unlocked and they tend to contain compact yet valuable items that can be quickly and easily spirited away to sell on. For this reason, home owners need to cast some thought to protecting their sheds and garages.

The perfect solution for this is a shed alarm. These items are perfect for places where no mains power exists as they are battery operated generally, 3 x AAA batteries are supplied on delivery and a good product will have automatic notification when the power is running low.

Bought through reliable security suppliers, these alarms are compact, installed without fuss and pack a powerful punch with a siren that measures 130+ dB in volume.

These days, home owners also have a choice of different models to suit a range of needs, such as an alarm for their shed, garage, tack room or even their bicycle lock. There are battery powered keypad alarms which allow multiple people easy access by typing in a simple code and key fob remote control which activates and deactivates a sensor that has a range of 7m over a 60 degree angle on the vertical and 110 degrees on the horizontal.

In terms of bicycle and equipment protection (valuable items should ideally have this added protection in addition to a garage alarm), there are siren padlocks for convenient security wherever a person happens to be and cable alarms that can be threaded through bikes, lawn mowers etc.

Price wise, these types of alarms are highly affordable even for superior grade models they tend to cost from around £15 to £27.

The two main types of alarm that can be chosen for sheds and garages are the basic type of siren or bell that makes a noise to scare off the would-be burglar, and the more sophisticated variety that sends a remote signal to the home or monitoring service so the police can be alerted to a break-in.

Regarding sensor technology for intruder detection, the most simple type of alarm consists of an electrical contact being broken (whether battery or electrically operated). The contacts are housed at points of entry such as the windows or on the door of the shed, so that any unauthorised access triggers the siren. The more advanced alarms use PIR (Passive Infra Red) technology that detects movement that measures the size of a person.

CEO of Crime Prevention Products, Terry Rattee, concluded: "Unfortunately, gone are the days when we can leave our homes unlocked, much less our sheds and garages. Since burglars are constantly on the prowl for easy opportunities and shed security is often considered unimportant, it is a gap that needs to be addressed. This summer, we advise home owners to protect their sheds as well as they protect their homes."