Action Learning Book Cites Work of Verieux Mourillon

June 04, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Breakthrough Problem Solving with Action Learning (Marquardt M.J, Yeo R.K), a book recently published by Stanford University Press, uses thirty-one (31) real-life cases from around the world to demonstrate how the Action Learning concepts work to improve organizations. In each case the authors show how the organization used this process of insightful questioning and reflective listening to address problems that are becoming increasingly complex due to rapidly changing socioeconomic trends and markets characteristic of this century. Creating solutions for such complex problems requires a dynamic and constructive interplay among different minds and across several disciplines Action Learning provides the appropriate framework.

One of the cases used to illustrate Action Learning at work is based at the National Bank of Dominica Limited where Verieux (Vow) Mourillon introduced and coordinated an Action Learning project with direct support from Professor Michael Marquardt. The Action Learning group that worked on the problem of making the bank more customer-centric in order to facilitate long term survival and success generated 50 ideas to address the problem. Mourillon championed the ideas from the Customer Service Action Learning group at the senior management table and was able to implement several of the strategies the group had proposed. The involvement of a cross-section of staff in this dynamic interactive process enabled fresh and new perspectives on the problem but also cultivated wider ownership of the solutions.

The National Bank of Dominica Limited expects a continued shift in its corporate culture towards the ideal service excellence profile. As noted in the book, the key factors that enabled the breakthrough in this case include strategic and systematic analysis of the root problem, rigorous research on best practice within and outside the industry, connection of strategy to business success and a skilled action learning coach.

Verieux (Vow) Mourillon has moved on to be the head of the Human Resource Division at the Caribbean Examinations Council where he also intends to introduce the principles of Action learning for problem-solving and leadership development.