San Francisco Sleep Apnea Dentist Opposes Excessive Sports and Energy Drink Consumption

June 07, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - Whether they are scoring a touchdown or hitting a homerun, many teen athletes gulp down sports drinks to replenish fluids and get an energy boost. Few of these teens realize their beverage of choice can cause irreparable damage to their teeth.

Dr. Greg Larson, a practitioner of pain free dentistry, recommends that avid sports and energy drink consumers review the findings in a recent study published in the May/June issue of General Dentistry.

Researchers tested nine energy drinks and 13 sports drinks by leaving tooth enamel in them for a 15-minute period. The enamel was then soaked in artificial saliva for two hours. Replicating an average teen's behavior, this process was repeated four times a day for five consecutive days. Energy drinks were concluded as being twice as harmful as sports drinks.

"Many American teens and young adults drink one of these beverages every few hours on a regular basis, which will have results similar to what we found in our testing," said Dr. Poonam Jain, the San Francisco dentist. "Most patients were stunned to realize they had been basically bathing their teeth in acid."

Contradictory to Jain's findings, the American Beverage Association deemed the study as unrealistic to human behavior.

"The study was not conducted on humans, and therefore fails to reflect reality," the statement reads by the San Francisco invisalign provider. "Additionally, blaming any single factor for enamel loss and tooth decay is negligent. Science has taught us that an individual's susceptibility to cavities and tooth erosion is primarily dependent on that person's dental hygiene, lifestyle, genetic makeup and diet, not merely on what they drink."

Although not the only factor in tooth decay, sugars and acids commonly found in sports and energy drinks can be harmful to tooth enamel. There are many factors contributing to ideal dental health such as eating a balanced diet and reducing sugar and acid intake.

The San Francisco sleep apnea dentist offers Invisalign treatment, San Francisco veneers and laser gum recontouring to ensure his patients benefit from beautiful and healthy smiles for life. Larson's office can schedule appointments for adults and children.

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