5 Reasons Women Want A Female Sports TV Channel

June 07, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
AUSTIN, TX, June 7, 2012 — Sports Channel for Women TV Network announced today the start of a IndieGoGo.com campaign to fund the market presentations of a TV channel completely focused on featuring female athletes and their sports, 24 hours a day. The campaign will raise funds to promote the channel to cable, satellite and telecommunications carriers and advertisers who want to reach the valuable and large audience of female sports fans and active females of all ages. Sports Channel for Women TV Network must make presentations now for its launch in early 2013.

Sports Channel for Women TV Network is turning to IndieGoGo for the funding because it is the largest, global crowdfunding site and offers a supportive community that embraces collaboration, fearlessness and authenticity. Please visit http://JOIN.SportsChannelForWomen.com to join the movement by contributing in order to give female athletes the platform they deserve. We appreciate your support.

Darryl Mobley, CEO and co-founder of the Sports Channel for Women TV Network said, "Think of all the great female athletes who set world records, shatter personal bests, and perform with excellence for extended periods of time," says Mobley, "yet the world barely knows most of them. This is a movement that will change the way female athletes are viewed and the way female athletes see themselves. Sports Channel for Women will never again let top female athletes be overlooked."

Research among more than 3,000 high school, college and adult women showed that females need and want the Sports Channel for Women TV Channel so that they can finally see themselves:

1. Competing,
2. Winning,
3. Losing,
4. Enjoying sports,
5. As the featured attraction all day, every day, and not as an afterthought.

The research also showed that men are very interested in seeing female sports.

Mobley asked, "Who are the world's best female runners, climbers, jumpers, speed skaters, archers, golfers, fitness experts, barrel racers, rowers, wrestlers, swimmers, surfers, divers, fencers, gymnasts, biathletes, skiers, weight lifters, martial artists or cyclists? Who are the best basketball, soccer, netball, lacrosse, rugby, volleyball, handball, ice hockey, cricket, hockey, softball, water polo, squash, table tennis, roller derby, badminton, and field hockey players? Most people don't know much about female sports. Sports Channel for Women's mission is to make sure that everyone knows."

Campaign contributors receive rewards ranging from stylish Sports Channel for Women TV Network t-shirts & hats to memberships on the board of advisors to admission to the Network's Launch Party to a cameo role in a show to an opportunity to be an on-air co-host. Contributors can join the movement for female sports on TV by visiting http://JOIN.SportsChannelForWomen.com

About Sports Channel for Women TV Network

The Sports Channel for Women TV Network will be the leader in female sports and the only TV network that delivers female sports and sports entertainment 24 hours a day via leading cable and satellite TV providers nationwide, as well as on multiple platforms including high definition and mobile devices. Sports Channel for Women targets sports-involved women and their fans with original series, studio shows and the most popular female sporting events. Sports Channel for Women partners with numerous leagues, conferences, teams and governing bodies to broadcast the excitement of female sports. Additionally, the web companion to the TV network will offer extensive content, particularly games and direct-to-viewer video not carried on the TV network. Visit www.IndieGoGo.com/scw to learn more and join the movement. Go to http://Top100Females.com to get a free subscription to the Sports Channel for Women eNewsletter with its constantly updated information on exciting female sports from around the world.