Project Management Software Company AtTask, Announces Launch of Spanish Website at

June 12, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
AtTask, a leading provider of project management software tools and applications, continues to expand internationally announcing the launch of its Spanish language website: Software de Administracion de Proyectos. AtTask is currently pursuing new European markets, and will now reach Spain to offer their innovative project management software. The company's rapid international expansion is a direct result of its success in the United States prompting a surge into the global market.

AtTask software offers a solution to miscommunication by literally putting every team member on the same page. It is designed for the collective team to organize their tasks and understand the much larger picture of a given project. The program's "Stream" application allows every individual to share their completed and future tasks. Likewise, a team member can see the tasks of a coworker. This is to create a conversation amongst those involved in every aspect of the project's plan. Employees are empowered to become a part of the holistic plan with feedback and ownership. Managers can now spend less time on delegation and more time on team leadership to ensure a kept deadline.

Project status is now the focal point for a manager. The team Home page is designed for employees to give updates within a centralized forum. Full visibility of the up to datetask status of every individual becomes vital to the success of the entire team. While it is extremely important and useful for managers to have this visibility, it is equally beneficial for each team member to efficiently and openly communicate with his/her manager. The user-friendly Team Home is designed to show the whole story. Time constraints and hindrances are no longer a mystery.

Managers can now use the intricate, full story to present the larger picture. AtTask's interactive Gantt chart is up to date with each individual's progress, leading to a clear picture of the "how, why, and when?" any problems will be dealt with and progress will continue. The consolidated information can be easily reviewed on a production chart specific to time, costs, completion and detailed notes provided by the team. The interactive charts are powered by the involvement of each individual contributing necessary information to the entire team.

About AtTask

Through research and expansion, AtTask continues as an innovator of project management resource. AtTask offers a software system dedicated to simplifying work flow management with emphasis on the importance of people empowerment. AtTask has specifically made it a point to ensure that the software "Works the way people work." The company is committed to the idea that the individual makes the team and the team makes the individual.

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