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June 14, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
AtTask, a leading provider of project management software tools and applications, announces the launch of its French language website: Logiciel de Gestion de Projet. The new site is a direct reflection of the company's international expansion strategy. The company's rapid growth in the United States is now quickly moving to the European markets, including France.

AtTask software is designed for a collective people to understand and organize the work involved in a project. Its features, such as the "Steam" (an application used for task-related conversation), promote open communication that allows worker input and ownership of each task requested. Furthermore, each individual is able to manage their own tasks, as well as view the tasks of others, in an effort to create a sense of empowerment amongst the team. An easy to use task manager gives each individual a sense of accountability and responsibility, leading to solutions to problems, rather than delegation of correcting them. This, in turn, allows project managers to focus on removing the unexpected roadblocks of any given project to effectively lead their team to a strict deadline.

Managers are now allowed a quick but thorough view of project status. On the Team Home page, empowered workers are documenting their completed and future tasks in a centralized forum. Managers now, literally, have everyone on the same page. A page in which tasks can be assigned, prioritized, and shared allowing the entire team a view of the larger picture. AtTask has emphasized the importance of user-friendliness and visibility in order to keep every person feeling included, involved and important in the completion of the project.

AtTask is simply following the ever growing, in popularity and effectiveness, business practice of empowering the individual. As an individual gains more responsibility, while receiving feedback, praise and aid, they tend to care more about an end result. The AtTask software specifically targets that sentiment. It is necessary for a manager to see work load, hindrances, completion percentage, etc., in order to delegate accordingly. Unfortunately, this can be a very daunting task without feedback from individuals on the "ground level". The AtTask Team Home Page is essentially a collection of data created by those on that ground level. In a sense, this is the definition of the empowerment movement, in that, employees are allowing their managers to understand progress by providing necessary information.

Managers can gather all of this information and easily provide a timeline of success for project investors. An interactive Gantt chart shows not only the overall plan for completion, but the success and trials of each individual. This becomes an important tool in reprioritizing the efforts of each specific area in relation to the larger plan. A simplified production chart allows all to see completion rate, costs, man hours and updates for each stage of project management. All of this information is provided by the team: each individual visibly playing an integral role in the overall success of a completed project.

About AtTask

As an innovator task management software, AtTask offers a software system dedicated to simplifying work flow management with emphasis on the importance of people empowerment. Most importantly, AtTask promotes a collaborative effort to efficiently meet deadlines, track progress and communicate easily with all parties involved in a project. AtTask has specifically made it a point to ensure that the software "Works the way people work."

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