Project Management Software Company AtTask, Announces Launch of Italian Website at

June 16, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
AtTask continues to expand into the global market with the launch of their Italian language website. AtTask has achieved great success and notoriety as an innovator of project management software in the United States and now attempts to carry that success into European markets, including Italy.

AtTask's software, at its core, is designed to keep a collaborative people working closely to reach a common goal. Historically, this includes a manager or planner's blueprint trickled down to their workers, in hopes that all tasks will be delegated correctly and efficiently. AtTask software instead looks to empower each individual member of the team. It is designed to give each person ownership and responsibility to both manage one's own workload and communicate easily with others.

The software's Team Home page allows visibility for managers and workers to view the up to date progress of each part of the project. The information is provided by each individual in an attempt to show the full story.AtTask's main focus is to keep everyone on the same path to completion. Managers can assign and monitor tasks, while team members can provide feedback and updates. This creates a collaborative effort towards a common goal. Similar products fail to include each individual in the larger picture. With AtTask, each employee can see the big plan and see where their tasks contribute to its timeline for success.

Managers can now focus their attention on leading the team and removing any road blocks along the way. The Team Home page provides a centralized collection of information easily accessible and presentable. The information is transferred to an interactive Gantt chart, which shows each individual's progress in relation to that of the project's plan. Managers can address these issues quickly by easily prioritizing the necessary resolution of any interferences. Furthermore, the production chart is well equipped with necessary notes and documentations, as well as vital information such as hours, costs and completion percentage. This information is all provided by the Team Home page, which, most importantly, is created by the team members.

ATask's software ensures the empowered worker is vital to the strict deadlines that a manager must keep. As such, each worker is given the visibility to the whole picture and can clearly see the contributions he/she has made. Each team member has a personal, visible role and accountability to the project's success. The AtTask program encourages the involvement and inclusion of the individual's role in the bigger picture and its on time completion.

About AtTask

AtTask is committed to making a product that works the way people work. As a marketing management software innovator, AtTask has focused its attention on the evolution of project management and the level of involvement of the people that make a project happen. AtTask simplifies work flow management while strengthening a team and its individuals. The software is designed for everyone to be a part of the overall goal.

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