Net Nanny Gives Internet Control and Visibility Back to the Parents

June 10, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
While monitoring Internet activity is important for parents and families, setting and maintaining boundaries can be a very daunting task. Net Nanny Parental Control Software seeks, not only to give parents control, but access and accountability in monitoring their kids. Net Nanny recognizes that each household is unique and limitations need to be placed specific to that family's needs.

Web content filtering is essential to a parent's assurance their child will be safe from inappropriate images and content on the Internet. Material is easily accessible to even the most remedial user, and vulgar or inappropriate content often appears even by mistake. Whatever the situation, Net Nanny Filtering Software allows a parental administrator full control and customization of what can and cannot appear on a home computer.

Net Nanny uses real-time filtering technology to block undesirable web sites. While certain keywords may trigger inappropriate sites, Net Nanny is constantly at work filtering and sending constant updates to give full visualization of web sites allowed or blocked. An "Alerts and Reporting" feature can show what the home Internet is being used for with a simplified pie chart with specifics to each session. Each web site category and names of sites are automatically documented here. As well, the "Reporting" records time spent online and number of times a block was initiated. If there are personal concerns with the intent of a child's Internet use, Net Nanny serves as a resourceful aid in the specifics of what needs to be reinforced as inappropriate.

In addition to filtering undesirable searches, all web pages are susceptible to graphic content or inappropriate "friends" on social media websites. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and variousblogs and chat rooms allow vulgar language and images to linger. Net Nanny has a profanity masking feature that can be set to mask vulgar words with symbols (i.e. @%#&). Still, social media websites are some of the most time consuming activities for adults and children alike. Net Nanny places a great importance on monitoring the activity of a child's Facebook page. A parent is granted access to the child's list of friends and pictures uploaded.

Blocking and monitoring Internet content helps a parent feel secure about what theirchild is seeing and reading on the Internet. However, Net Nanny exceeds this security, offering a time management feature. This monitors time on each site and can also be used to set limits on overall access or specific time and use. Parents can make the Internet a useful tool for research, networking and games without the apprehension of undesirable material.

About Net Nanny

Net Nanny is a world leader in web content filtering. Its software is successful in customizing the content of each home computer while giving complete control to parents. Net Nanny is designed to protect your family values by keeping your home computer safe and clean.

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