Net Nanny Continues to Customize Web Content Filtering

June 20, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Net Nanny is a world leader in internet filter tools and software. Because the Internet is ever-changing and new websites go online every day, Net Nanny operates in real time. That is, the program is filtering words and phrases at the time you browse the web. The program scans each web page you try to visit.

As a parent monitors their child's Internet use, it is difficult to know the specifics of what is important to block or monitor. "What can we do to avoid the undesirable?" It can be assumed there is a simple solution: set a parental control level to "high" and hope for the best. However, most content filtering products have unexpected hindrances. Because the Internet is so vast, there is no way to rely on "good" and "bad" and have the issue of "inappropriate" content determined by a benign setting. Net Nanny Software appreciates the ongoing grey area struggle and gives parents full visibility of internet activity.

Net Nanny recognizes phrases and keywords within the context they are used, rather than simply attempting to categorize all web sites in the world. Web searches are reported in an "Alerts and Reports" feature, available to the parent. Available in this report are the specifics of all web searches, the type of content that has been blocked, web sites visited, and the time spent on each. If a parent encounters an issue with what the home computer is being used for, this serves as a helpful resource. This is also a helpful tool in customizing the control settings for each member of the family.

The Time Management feature is also an important tool for monitoring time spent using the computer. It also allows for time allotment; kids can be limited to a specific time of day to access the computer (e.g. 3 pm to 6 pm for homework time). Net Nanny seeks to give visibility and control to parents — to create a safe web environment. This is especially important with the ever-growing popularity of social media websites.

Net Nanny provides access anytime, anywhere to a child's social pages in order for a parent to know what content they are putting uploading to the web, and what "friends" are trying to reach them. It has many more features than a standard pornography filter.

About Net Nanny

Net Nanny has been an innovative force in Parental Control Software and continues to improve its product. As the Internet expands, Net Nanny becomes more interactive and continues to put more power into the hands of the parents. The company seeks to make every home computer safe and clean and the internet a safe place for families to learn and grow.

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