Windows PC Aid Follows the Same Tactics as Other Popular Fake Anti-Spyware Apps

June 12, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Embedded within the program Windows PC Aid, there are many money extortion schemes. The hackers who have created and marketed the Windows PC Aid program placed many money-grabbing techniques within Windows PC Aid. Many of these techniques include Windows PC Aid displaying misleading pop-up warning notifications, in addition to conducting various system scans returning erroneous results. In all, these methods attempt to sway the opinion of PC users so that they may eventually trust Windows PC Aid.

In trusting Windows PC Aid, PC users are apt to buying Windows PC Aid, so it could supposedly remove all detected threats on a PC. All threats reported by Windows PC Aid are actually fabricated. Because Windows PC Aid is not a trusted application, one should never utilize it for any security functions on a PC. You should not use other rogue antispyware programs such as Windows Safety Wizard, removing Windows Maintenance Suite, Windows Turnkey Console and
Live Security Platinum.

The hackers who have created and marketed Windows PC Aid, have limited ways in which a PC user is able to uninstall Windows PC Aid. The traditional fashion of using the Windows control panel to uninstall Windows PC Aid is not made available. This leaves many PC users without a clear means of removing Windows PC Aid. Fortunately, within's removal report specific to Windows PC Aid, the necessary resources to safely detect and delete all of Windows PC Aid files are made available to PC users of all skill levels.

In utilizing the proper removal resources, a PC user may detect other malware related to Windows PC Aid and remove it in the process. In knowing how destructive Windows PC Aid can be to a computer, it is highly advisable that computer users do not hesitate to remove Windows PC Aid. In its entirety, the newly released version of the Windows PC Aid removal report may be accessed at: