Controversial Weight-Loss Site Owner Gives His Insights on Healthy Salads

June 12, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Wixom, Michigan — Rob Poulos, who has in recent months sponsored the controversial website, which includes a blog dedicated to giving helpful tips on weight loss with the Fat Burning Furnace, recently sat down to explain just what can be "healthy" about a healthy salad. A summary of his remarks follow:

"Salads can be a really important part of your eating and nutrition strategy, regardless of what stage you may be in on your journey to fitness. The problem we confront here is that too many people think of salads as just downright boring — and if your idea of a salad is to grab a ready-made salad bag at the grocery store, you would be right. But we can all learn to be eaters of better salads. It's just a matter of becoming properly educated."

"Start with the fundamentals of any salad," said Poulos. "That would, of course, be your leafy greens. Instead of the boring old-school iceberg (which can be very expensive to purchase in many locations), why not use some romaine or arugula, or even some spinach or dandelion leaves. These choices will provide new flavors and textures, something you will look forward to having again sometime."

Next consider other vegetables you could add: I like Zucchini because it is low-carb, as well as beets. Beets are great add-ins to salads as they are very high in potassium (a noted heart-healthy vitamin) and have zero cholesterol. You can throw in a handful of grapes (which give you antioxidants), and for fiber I love pears and/or apricots or even plums."

An important part of the Fat Burning Furnace plan is to select good, healthy sources of protein, and Poulos said that "The benefits of eating lean protein are well known, and you have several choices. A tuna fish salad is a good choice, because it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids (a great high-cholesterol fighter)." Also good choices according to Poulos are chicken (when prepared properly) and also eggs (hard-boiled) when used in moderation.

"Finally, a healthy salad needs some sort of oil, sauce or flavorings. Best is Flaxseed oil, but you can also use prepackaged vinaigrettes (check the labels though to make sure the ingredients pass muster). Think of healthy salads like a jigsaw puzzle. Put all the pieces of the puzzle together in the right way and you'll have something healthy — and something that, when you eat it, will do its part in keeping you healthy as well."

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