AIM Specialty Health Chooses ACOM's EZConnect Software to Handle EDI Transactions

June 13, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Long Beach, Calif., June 13, 2012 AIM Specialty Health, a major specialty benefit management company, is now handling file exchanges with trading partners involving millions of dollars of health insurance payments a day through the EZConnect EDI software from ACOM Solutions, Inc.

Based in Chicago, AIM is one of the country's leading specialty benefit management companies, whose programs cover more than 32 million people across the country. That's one out of every eight Americans with health insurance.

On an average weekday, AIM processes 2,200 electronic files carrying preauthorization information and every file can hold information that will be used in connection with claims worth millions of dollars.

With so much at stake, AIM needs all file exchanges to be fast, secure, and error-free.

According to Senior EDI Specialist Robert Brandenburg, who manages the company's EDI operations, "EZConnect is efficient, it's powerful, and it's easy to use. Something that would take two days to map with our old software, I can now map in two hours."

That quick turnaround is a relief from AIM's former EDI system, which could no longer keep up with industry changes.

"Our legacy system was kind of stuck, so we couldn't really do anything but X12 mapping," said Brandenburg. To support the updated HIPAA 5010 EDI transactions by the start of 2012, the company's legacy EDI vendor proposed a $100,000 upgrade. "That just wasn't cost-effective," said Brandenburg, "We were looking for something that was reasonably priced, powerful, and easy to use."

He found that in EZConnect, a "universal translator" that supports U.S. and international EDI standards including HIPAA 5010, XML standards, and proprietary flat-file documents. Some key EDI documents exchanged between AIM and its insurance company clients include medical claims, healthcare service reviews, and electronic remittances.

AIM is also using EZConnect to extract flat files from its Sybase database, replacing the former custom SQL apps written for each individual client. This enables AIM to quickly expand into new services or to easily take on new clients: some key activities that had become impossible with its legacy system.

After seeing the new software in action, AIM is now planning to use EZConnect for all file exchanges with all its trading partners.

"Rather than just doing X12 EDI, we're now using EZConnect for the whole variety of flat files and XML that goes to our clients," said Brandenburg. "With it, we can do pretty much anything we want."

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About AIM Specialty Health
With over 32 million members covered across 50 states, AIM is a national leader in specialty benefit management. Through an innovative approach, AIM promotes the appropriate, safe and cost effective use of clinical services including: radiology, cardiology, oncology, specialty drugs, and sleep medicine. For over 20 years, AIM has helped clients and their members realize proven results through its management programs while maintaining superior service.

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