Windows Custom Safety's Spyware Removal Feature Does Not Exist

June 14, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Windows Custom Safety is certainly a custom security program, but it in no way provides usable security functions for a PC that may be infected with malware. In an attempt to assist PC users who have confronted the ugly face of Windows Custom Safety, a new removal report has been released to provide simplistic resources guiding users through a removal process.

Within itself, removing Windows Custom Safety can be a difficult task. As a solution to the difficulty, the removal report found on specific to Windows Custom Safety lays out simple ways to remove Windows Custom Safety. Additionally, a video has been provided on the report to show PC users how one is able to utilize an updated antimalware tool to safely remove Windows Custom Safety.

Windows Custom Safety was deliberately created for the purpose of deception. This deception begins the instant that Windows Custom Safety is installed. Usually installation of takes place from a Trojan or even files downloaded from a malicious site. Once installed, most often without any indication to the PC user, Windows Custom Safety will render fake pop-ups and later return bogus system scan results.

In uncovering scams, security researchers have classified Windows Custom Safety to be one of the newest additions to overturning a scam that ends up extorting money from unsuspecting computer users. Windows Custom Safety is basically malware and in no way should ever be trusted for detecting or removing malware. Programs such as Windows Instant Scanner and Windows Pro Safety are basically earlier renditions of Windows Custom Safety potentially created by the same group of hackers.

In any case, PC users should take the necessary precautions to remove Windows Custom Safety or any other identified malicious program and read