Windows Instant Scanner Stops at Nothing to Trick PC Users and Steal Money

June 14, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The use of the "Windows" name in Windows Instant Scanner is an attempt by the hackers who created Windows Instant Scanner to pass it off as a legitimate security tool. Unfortunately, that notion is debunked due to recent findings by and other trusted PC security outlets. The fact of the matter is that Windows Instant Scanner remains to be an utter failure at fulfilling its promises of removing malware on any given PC.

Windows Instant Scanner, sporting bright Windows-friendly colors on its interface, was primarily designed to be a hacker's money extortion tool. Not only does it pretend to find malware threats on a PC, but it makes a claim of being able to remove those threats after the user purchases a registered copy of Windows Instant Scanner. By purchasing Windows Instant Scanner, one would subsequently suffer from regret due to finding out that Windows Instant Scanner is in fact an illegitimate security program.

After the discovery of Windows Instant Scanner being a plagiarized security tool, the average PC user will want to remove or uninstall Windows Instant Scanner. Uninstallation of Windows Instant Scanner is virtually impossible without the necessary resources. Because of this, security outlets such as have released removal reports to give PC users the proper resources to safely and completely remove Windows Instant Scanner from their system.

PC security researchers have also uncovered many other fake antimalware programs that may come from the same hackers as Windows Instant Scanner. Some of these programs include Windows Privacy Counsel and Windows Custom Safety.

The video linked below is a visual representation of the Windows Instant Scanner removal process taking place utilizing an updated antimalware resource.

Advanced PC users may also take use of the manual removal resources found on the new Windows Instant Scanner Removal Report at: