A classified business catalyst Listbingo 2.0 is released

June 16, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
BRAINDIGIT takes great pride to announce the release of Listbingo 2.0. One of the best classified extensions in the web, Listbingo 2.0, is available in the market for FREE and is devoted to all classified developers who aspire to venture the incredible grounds in the classified world. The innovative features available in Listbingo 2.0 coupled with the use of the cutting edge technology in Listbingo 2.0 will surely hold anyone in awe while using this application.

The classified market, if not costly, has become competitive as ever, with millions of classified sites itching to mark their prominence in the web. Moreover, with classified scripts and applications mushrooming round the corner adding up to one's frustration to which-to-chose, the solution is getting more and more elusive. Listbingo 2.0 takes off that hassle with its easy plans and provisions. All essential features that a classified site needs to have, Listbingo offers for FREE while ensuring impressive look, site performance and optimization.

To cope with the growing expectation of classified users, Listbingo has incorporated astounding features in the new version. The extensive use of JQuery in Listbingo 2.0 offers enhanced flexibility to your site like never before. And by virtue of the optimized SQL codes and SEO, one can get a competitive advantage over one's counterpart in terms of site speed. All in all, Listbingo 2.0 comprises of all necessary ingredients and that competitive edge to make a site standout. Some of the remarkable features Listbingo 2.0 comes with are:

  • Optimized SQL queries for enhanced site performance.
  • Drag and drop widget for easy layout editing.
  • Help and tool-tip to give you easy guidelines of any field you are currently working on.
  • Installable Extrafields to add fields which are not present in the default section.
  • Image Caching helps in site optimization.
  • Access Control Level (ACL) which supports the ACL functions of Joomla.

  • Listbingo 2.0 is here to create a remarkable change in the history of classified ad business and Joomla community. Therefore, we value our customers and guide them throughout and after the building of their site. Want a business? Want a fast easy working platform to run that business? Listbingo 2.0 is what the classified web offers best. It will assist one to reach the acme of their classified business, effectively and efficiently. Listbingo 2.0 is out with full of promises to help one excel in the business world.

    Just download the FREE Listbingo 2.0 component and use it, BRAINDIGIT support team is here to guide its Listbingo users through the process.