Jobrap - Bring the power of Social Networking to your job search

June 22, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Jobrap is the first service of its kind that allows prospective job seekers to have candid conversations and gain more insight about specific jobs - thereby resulting in a more engaging job search experience.

The job search and application process has remained largely unchanged for the past few decades. Prospects usually see a posting and apply for it. While the web has certainly made the search and application process quicker, it has not added much value with regards to sharing relevant information about specific jobs.

Jobrap's unique value proposition is to leverage collective experience and knowledge to allow job seekers to find the best job from themselves, and hiring managers to find the most suitable match for their job posting. Jobrap provides an effective platform in which candid and insightful conversations can occur about potential jobs. It is a beneficial platform for both the job seeker and job employer!

From a job seekers perspective, the Jobrap platform allows you to ask questions and gain knowledge about the job in which you are interested. Jobrap dynamically displays your Facebook® and LinkedIn® connections that are currently working or associated with either the company or job profession you are browsing. You can then invite people to join a conversation and add "raps" (comments) about the job, thereby equipping yourself with as much insight into the job as possible. You may even receive helpful insight from others that are following that company and have experience or knowledge to share. All of this is provided in an easy to use user-friendly interface.

From the employers perspective, Jobrap provides a platform for hiring managers to dialogue with potential candidates in a relatively effortless and time-efficient manner. While a phone screen may take 30-60 minutes, a Jobrap conversation is quick, effective, and equips hiring managers with insight on candidates to further pursue. Imagine the efficiency gained by employers, especially when scaled to numerous postings from one company.

Jobrap builds on the fact that everyone has knowledge and experience to share. Any Jobrap user can help draw in top talent by following their past and present companies and conversing with potential candidates. The advice or insight you give may just help someone find that ideal job, or help your company find that ideal candidate.

The end result is a better match for employer and employee. A better match will increase job satisfaction and productivity of the employee and the company.

Jobrap allows you to easily sign up using your existing Facebook or LinkedIn credentials or you can create a new account. There is no charge to job seekers to use the site. So what are you waiting for, visit and start job rapping !!!

Jobrap was launched in 2011 and is based in Cary, NC.
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