Windows Maintenance Guard Fails to 'Guard' PCs Against Malware

June 26, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Windows Maintenance Guard has been identified by's security researchers to be a fake security application. In a way, Windows Maintenance Guard is a prideful scam that claims to have found malware on the PC that it is installed on. Within this process, Windows Maintenance Guard repeatedly renders pop-up messages and even conducts system scans. System scans run by Windows Maintenance Guard are always populated with bogus results in an effort to gain the trust of a PC user.

Through findings by researchers at, Windows Maintenance Guard has been uncovered as being a part of a family of rogue anti-spyware programs. Among this family, other fake security apps such as Windows Control Series and Windows Secure Surfer where found to be virtually identical to Windows Maintenance Guard. In knowing this, it is advisable to PC users to avoid any programs that appear to look just like Windows Maintenance Guard.

The creators of Windows Maintenance Guard designed it in a way that it cannot be easily removed from a PC using Control Panel functions. In fact, Windows Maintenance Guard may not be uninstalled utilizing known uninstaller apps. For this reason, PC security outlets such as have included specialized resources within their removal reports. In the case of Windows Maintenance Guard, a removal report was released to give novice and advanced PC users use of resources custom tailored for removing Windows Maintenance Guard from a PC.

The video linked below is a representation of how PC users are able to use resources found on the Windows Maintenance Guard removal report. The same resources may be used by any PC user to remove Windows Maintenance Guard, in addition to other malware threats.

Going back to the source of Windows Maintenance Guard, researchers believe it may come from malicious website download or Trojan horse threats loaded from various sources over the Internet. At any rate, Windows Maintenance Guard should never be utilized for the detection and removal of legitimate malware threats. In the endeavor of removing Windows Maintenance Guard from a PC, users may access the complete removal report specific to Windows Maintenance Guard at: