Live Essential Platinum Labeled as a Fake Antispyware Intended to Scam PC Users

July 06, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Looking at the interface of Live Essential Platinum, you may take special notice to its unusual color scheme outlined in a familiar menu setup. As explained on's Live Essential Platinum removal report, the menus of Live Essential Platinum were purposely designed to mimic the look of legitimate or well-known PC security programs. This was ultimate done to be passed off as a familiar program that could be trusted by PC users. Security analysts will warn PC users that the use of Live Essential Platinum's interface is yet another tactic to gain trust so that it may be purchased.

There are many problems associated with Live Essential Platinum such as the fact that may limit normal operation of an infected system. Moreover, Live Essential Platinum is known for displaying repeated pop-up alerts attempting to notify the PC user of detected threats, which are actually nonexistent. The system scans conducted by Live Essential Platinum usually return bogus results, too.

Live Essential Platinum is much like previously identified fake antimalware programs such as removing Windows Premium Console and Windows Proactive Safety. Many of these ruthless programs have been known to date back a few years where they rendered sneaky scams among PC users.

Because Live Essential Platinum has been deemed as an untrusted program and in some cases a scam, it should never be used under any condition. Virtually all trusted security resources on the Internet that talk about Live Essential Platinum will clearly advise PC users in the same way.

Surviving an infiltration by Live Essential Platinum is a hard task to feat. Due to Live Essential Platinum not having a clear way of uninstallation, PC users are not able to utilize conventional methods to remove the application. As a solution, PC users are able to utilize specialized resources to uninstall and completely remove the unwanted Live Essential Platinum program. In such a case, Live Essential Platinum may be safely uninstalled by using an updated antimalware program.

In any case, PC users seeking an easy solution for removing Live Essential Platinum may take use of the removal resources released on the Live Essential Platinum Removal Report on at: