FeedSavvy.com is a fresh new start-up that personalizes your news

July 05, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
FeedSavvy.com gives registered users the ability to gather everything from the web; websites, blogs, YouTube channels, tv shows from Hulu, RSS feeds, and puts them all in one personalized place. Almost everyone usually visits the same websites everyday, and building a profile on FeedSavvy saves time and makes it more convenient to find the content people actually care about, while dodging pop ups and "website fluff".

Another cool feature is that FeedSavvy has a share function, so anything read or watched on the site can be sent directly to twitter followers or facebook friends. If there is something that isn't in the search bar, it is extremely easy for users to add their own news sources, blogs, and YouTube channels. We may have tried other news readers in the past, but things are so simplified on FeedSavvy, the average person can jump in and get started without a hitch. Navigating stories and sources in one unified experience, without being redirected, or constantly refreshing your browser really is, well, refreshing.

Check it out on PC and Mac and get registered. A tablet/mobile version is currently in the works. It makes web browsing better, faster, and easier.