Announces Program to Connect Students with Best Online Accounting Schools

July 02, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado July 2, 2012 In the field of accounting, education can make a big difference in salaries. By connecting finance and accounting workers with online education, is announcing a program to help full-time workers achieve the degrees they need to move to the next level in their career.

Partners in Education and Tuition Assistance Programs (PETAP) provide accounting students with a directory of accredited online schools, as well as information on tuition assistance when needed. With hundreds of schools listed in its directory, is able to help find the best accounting school for those interested in taking classes at their own convenience. can help accountants find accredited schools with specializations in high-demand fields like accounting technology. This will give students experience working with the high-tech equipment used in many financial offices today, including specialized accounting software used for bookkeeping and tax preparation.

For those interested in a career in bookkeeping, PETAP.orglists accredited online schools that offer courses in transaction balances, the various types of books and accounts, and the basics of business finances. Once a student has completed a bookkeeping degree, that student will be prepared for a career as a bookkeeper in a business environment.

Corporate finance is a thriving field and can direct students to schools who offer degrees that will offer entry into this lucrative occupation. Students will learn the basics of business administration, combined with the financial management skills necessary to work in banks, large corporations, and other large businesses.

Banking is still a thriving industry, although it is an ever-changing field.'s directory of accredited online colleges can offer students an opportunity to prepare for a career in financial planning, investment banking, or commercial banking. When a student completes a banking degree program, he or she will be equipped with a foundation in bank operations, management strategies, accounting skills, and more.

Whether a student seeks an associates, bachelors, masters, or doctorate degree in accounting, finding an accredited school is a must. With online learning becoming more popular, many students are uncertain how to determine this accreditation. For this reason, makes every effort to ensure each school listed on its online directory is accredited by one of two accrediting organizations-The Council for Higher Education Accreditation, the largest higher education membership organization in the country, or the U.S. Department of Education, a governmental agency that oversees the country's education system.

Students interested in obtaining an online accounting degree need only go to and choose their specialty from the drop-down box, as well as the type of degree desired. will send the applicant information about the chosen college, including information like graduation rates and median debt of students who graduate from that particular school. is a great way to narrow down a student's college choices to only top quality schools offering degrees in a student's area of interest.