Windows Custom Management Bombs at Management and Removal of Malware on a PC

July 06, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
PC security researchers have identified an onslaught of fake security programs that fall into the same category as Windows Custom Management. Within this specialized family of fake security apps, Windows Custom Management is among the newest addition.

Windows Custom Management was found to be a major failure in providing any type of usable security features for a PC. In an effort to protect a PC from legitimate malware threats, Windows Custom Management seeks to be the ultimate choice. Windows Custom Management volunteers for the job through its promised functions and touted ability to remove malware. Unfortunately, Windows Custom Management does not provide any of these functions. Instead, Windows Custom Management is a scam hidden under the mask of a cleverly designed interface made to mimic the look of authentic PC security programs.

Many other programs, such as Windows Virus Hunter and Windows Premium Console, are virtually identical to one another. This makes the hackers who created Windows Custom Management have an easy task of quickly marketing these fake security programs to the general public.

It is always a major pain to remove viruses or other malware from a computer. PC users spend billions of dollars every year on many choices of software to protect their system from these threats. In the case of Windows Custom Management, it attempts to sell a so-called registered copy to PC users promising to remove threats after purchased. Buying Windows Custom Management will not enable any additional functions.

Windows Custom Management is actually malware itself. Many PC users who run across Windows Custom Management have run into a dead end when it comes to removing Windows Custom Management. Windows Custom Management was designed with the intention of not being uninstalled utilizing the traditional method found within the Windows control panel. Because of this, a legitimate antimalware program may be necessary to rid a system of Windows Custom Management.

The Windows Custom Management removal video linked is a representation of how a PC user may easily use a trusted antimalware program to remove Windows Custom Management from their system.

PC users may access a complete and comprehensive removal report specific to Windows Custom Management on at: