Windows Privacy Extension Seeks Deception to Extract Money from PC Users

July 17, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
There is already a large population of rogue antispyware programs circulating the Internet. According to, Windows Privacy Extension is one of the newer additions to the rankings of malicious applications that have the intent of using aggressive techniques to swindle people out of money. Many of these fake security programs, including Windows Privacy Extension, are known to render pop-up alerts with a clever language only to convince PC users of detected malware on their system. The reality behind these alert messages from Windows Privacy Extension is that they are fabricated.

Most aspects of Windows Privacy Extension are part of a fabrication that only results in confusion. Eventually the barrage of false alerts and system scan results from Windows Privacy Extension leads to the PC user gaining trust and eventually spending their hard earned money on the alleged registered copy of Windows Privacy Extension.

Reports of other fake security programs, such as Windows Trojans Inspector and Windows Web Commander, have been released by security researchers to identify them as a clone of Windows Privacy Extension. In knowing this information, PC users may have an easier time identifying programs like Windows Privacy Extension when they show their ugly face on the screen.

Windows Privacy Extension is an utter failure at providing any type of usable security features for a PC. After finding this out, PC users will want to remove Windows Privacy Extension from their system but regrettably face a road block when attempting to do so.

Removing Windows Privacy Extension has proven to be a difficult task. Simply uninstalling Windows Privacy Extension is not a viable option because it cannot be performed without the use of an updated antimalware program. The video linked here shows PC users how they are able to use the appropriate resource to completely and safely remove Windows Privacy Extension from their system.

For PC users who seek additional resources and essential tools to remove Windows Privacy Extension from their computer, they may utilize the Windows Privacy Extension removal report at