Windows Interactive Security Created by Cybercrooks to Imitate Legitimate Security Programs

July 06, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Windows Interactive Security is only one instance of a large family of fake security programs that come from the same group of cybercrooks. Security researchers at many different outlets, such as, have verified Windows Interactive Security being a newer iteration of basically the same phony antimalware program.

Researchers from all avenues have warned PC users of Windows Interactive Security and its ability to swindle inexperienced computer users out of money through antagonistic techniques. These methods range from a simple pop-up warning window to an abundance of simulated system scan results returned from the Windows Interactive Security application itself. PC users must realize that all results rendered by Windows Interactive Security are fabricated and cannot be taken for face value.

This group of fake security programs, including Windows Interactive Security, Windows Proprietary Advisor, Windows Control Series and many others, all contain the same graphic interface. Not only do they all closely resemble by looks alone, but they all mimic virtually the same false pop-up alerts and system scan results.

A computer having Windows Interactive Security installed on it could be susceptible to browser redirects, slow performance or even blocked access to the Internet. You could say Windows Interactive Security is able to prevent normal operation of a computer.

An exclusive video, linked here, demonstrating what Windows Interactive security is and how to remove it, is available to represent the removal process using a trusted antimalware tool.

In an effort to rid a system of Windows Interactive Security, which is recommended by virtually any knowledgeable security researcher, a PC user must utilize the proper resources. These resources may be obtained on several trusted security outlets over the Internet such as on's Windows Interactive Security removal report