A Debt Settlement Program Helps Consumers Reduce Unsecured Debt

July 09, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Consumers with overwhelming debt obligations in the form of overdue credit card bills or high-interest mortgages have a new weapon in their fight to get their finances back on track: A debt settlement program from NationalRelief.com, a credit relief agency dedicated to helping its clients out of debt and saving thousands in the process.

Debt settlement is meant for clients with high debt loads, usually over $7,500, who have difficulty making their monthly minimum credit card payments and regularly receive calls from their banks or hired debt collectors. Unlike debt consolidation loans, which merely rebundle disparate debt obligations into a single payment stream with a slightly lower interest rate on the same high principal amount, National Relief's debt settlement program fundamentally reduces its participants' outstanding debts by negotiating settlements with each of their creditors.

Unlike Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings, which can damage your credit for years, debt settlement takes anywhere from 24 to 48 months and allows participants to resume building their credit immediately upon successful completion of the program. Although each case is different, the credit relief experts at NationalRelief.com have a proven track record of success that has consistently produced settlements that save clients thousands of dollars off their debts, regardless of the banks and credit card companies involved.

The typical debt settlement program is straightforward. All unsecured debts and loans are eligible to be negotiated, and debt relief professionals typically tackle each debt individually for maximum results.

Enrollment in a debt settlement program confers several advantages. Clients are not required to pay any up-front fees for debt relief services, nor are they expected to communicate with their creditors or debt collectors once they have enrolled in the program.

Debt-burdened consumers interested in learning more about NationalRelief.com's debt settlement program can fill out the site's short application form (http://www.nationalrelief.com/apply/) or call in during extended business hours for a free debt analysis, the first step toward freedom from debt.