DNS Changer Malware May Shut Down Internet Access to Over 250,000 Computers

July 10, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
DNS Changer, or what some may call it the DNS Changer Trojan or Doomsday Virus, is a dangerous Trojan that is designed to make infected systems utilize rogue DNS servers. Computers infected with DNS Changer Virus will automatically connect to these malicious servers, which limits normal Internet connectivity. Essentially, DNS Changer will block normal Internet activity for PCs left unprotected.

All over the Internet, security research sites such as EnigmaSoftware.com have posted new warnings about DNS Changer and its ability to block Internet access for hundreds of thousands of infected systems. Many of these vulnerable computers have been infected with DNS Changer Malware for long periods of time giving no warning or indication to the PC user. In such a situation, the system will unknowingly limit Internet access leaving the PC user without a fully functional system.

In an effort to detect DNS Changer or find out of a system may be susceptible to the FBI DNS Changer attack, PC users maY take use of a trusted antimalware scan tool. Such a tool will have the ability to safely detect DNS Changer Virus and remove it. Also, DNS Changer has been known to use rookits like the Rootkit.TDSS. Performing a system scan with a trusted antimalware tool is the very first step to removing a PC from harm's way when DNS Changer decides to take action for shutting down Internet access for an infected PC.

Even though the target date is July 9, 2012, as reported by numerous media outlets lately, DNS Changer Malware could come alive to cause issues at any time. The fact of the matter behind DNS Changer is that its creators could program the threat to activate whenever they want. This simply means a system infected with DNS Changer may not be immediately affected by could suffer major consequences at a much later date.

To check if you've been affected by the FBI DNS Changer, you should visit http://www.dns-ok.us and check your computer. This website will do a DNS Changer check-up instantly and tell you if your computer is safe or infected and uses DNS Changer nameservers. Also, it is essential to maintain an updated antimalware program to protect your computer from future threats like DNS Changer.

The bottom line with DNS Changer Malware is to initiate actions to prevent loss of Internet access or other problems arising as a result of having the DNS Changer malware on your system. PC users make take use of the recently updated DNS Changer Virus removal report at http://www.enigmasoftware.com/dnschanger-removal/ to better understand the threat and to use specialized resources to remove it. It is better to be safe than sorry when dealing with any malware.