Medical Skin Care Center Captures Online Leads and Drives Sales Using's Advertising, Marketing, CRM, and Sales Software Platform

July 11, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Caroline, the manager of SKINovative Laser Center based in Folsom, California, had been looking for ways to expand her business's presence online in order to increase customer bookings. Caroline had created a business website, but her site lacked adequate features for interacting with customers and capturing leads. She had taken the initiative to move SKINovative online, but Caroline lacked the experience and software needed to make SKINovative's online presence beneficial to the business. Her original website simply didn't generate enough leads, and the site's lack of features made it little more than a "glorified business card" according to Caroline. After determining she needed professional help to get the most utility out of her website, Caroline turned to's platform to improve her site's features and its presence in search engine results.

Although the original focus was on creating an effective business site, implemented a comprehensive solution that went beyond this, and provided additional opportunities to improve SKINovative's online presence. The first step in accomplishing this was creating an intelligent business website that SKINovative could use to generate and capture leads, and to increase the website's reach by optimizing it for online search engines. began by adding fundamental features to Caroline's site, such as lead capture forms and appointment scheduling, and worked with Caroline to optimize her website's content to create definitive increases in both site traffic and leads. not only implemented these basic features, but also integrated further strategies and applications to turn Caroline's 'business card' website into a key aspect of her business.

Although Caroline and SKINovative were happy with the much needed improvements made to their site, they found the greatest utility in the CRM and marketing features that were included in the platform. Contact management, automated email marketing campaigns, phone call tracking, automated Facebook syndication, promotion creation with automatic distribution, and other backend applications were all seamlessly integrated with SKINovative's new website. These features enabled Caroline to implement new strategies to capture and convert leads, engage her current customers with marketing campaigns, and connect her contact list with her website and applications. SKINovative now not only had a professional and interactive website, but also a suite of backend applications to provide additional support and features to both their website and business. These applications have helped Caroline to engage her customers and leads in new ways that have dramatically increased SKINovative's generation of bookings and new customers. By linking their website to a phone call tracking application, which is also integrated with their customer database applications, SKINovative has generated a surge in warm leads that are easy to manage and convert into customers.

Caroline was impressed by how effortless it was to use OnRevenue's platform to create promotions, such as an email raffle for inactive customers, and then distribute the campaign to her segmented contact list and track its success. OnRevenue's online marketing applications have allowed Caroline to meaningfully interact with her customers in a way that has produced more responses than any of her previous efforts. "Now I send all my customers and prospects to my website for scheduling appointments, promotions, and newsletters…and it's all connected to the application dashboard so I can track the results" says Caroline. The ability to seamlessly manage multiple aspects of her business, from sales and marketing to customer relationship management, within a single software platform has developed into a huge asset for Caroline. With a 10 to 1 ROI, OnRevenue's platform proved to be an effective and efficient strategy for improving SKINovative's online presence and growing their bottom line.

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