Toughrack aims to calm offices with Hushrack a Quiet Server Rack

July 12, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
IT is the life blood of the majority of businesses these days, so having a reliable infrastructure that meets your business needs is essential. Once you have established just what you need, to run your IT system and taken some advice from a professional, you need to know your staff will find the system manageable and, not have the need to call in an IT expert.

You need to know your system is scalable because as your business grows, so will your IT needs. You have to know that expansion can be achieved, without the need of calling in an IT expert every time you need to add a server, or other piece of equipment to your system.

In the past, server rooms were not the most pleasant places to work in due to the noise but, these days with many manufacturers constructing server racks that are ultra-quiet; the whole environment is a lot more comfortable for IT technicians and employees, to work in and around. Hushracks can even be placed within an office environment because they run so quietly, they will not disturb anyone who is working in that particular office environment.

To solve this issue Toughrack have produced the Hushrack. A soundproof server cabinet.

Hushracks maintain the same good looks as the original Toughrack servers, including the electro- coated Zintec finish. It is the addition of acoustic sound reduction technology which is the key improvement. Twin-layer acoustic foam and ultra-silent fans produce an incredibly quiet server rack.

The new Hushrack servers are available in both floor standing and wall-mounted configurations. The standard colour is black, which can be ordered from the website, but it is also possible to order in different colour finishes.

If you run a large organisation and have a comprehensively equipped server room, then companies like Toughrack are experts in supplying quality Hushrack servers that run quietly, efficiently and are scalable. Even if you run a smaller affair and would need a wall mounted server cabinet, you can still benefit from contacting a company who would be able to provide a workstation infrastructure which includes server racks, cabinets, wall mount cabinets, desk or table top portable enclosures and much more. Rack frames and shelves can be custom designed for specific business needs.

Server cabinets come in all forms and sizes to accommodate the business needs of large, medium or smaller concerns, with a wide selection of standard finishes that blend in well with any office environment and at the same time, complement an office's décor. This is when customised equipment, really comes into its own with some companies offering to match the finish of existing office furniture.

Soundproof cabinets are able to reduce server noise by up to 98%, which is an amazing reduction that all office staff would appreciate. This means a cabinet can be situated inside an office, instead of having to create another space in a separate room to accommodate equipment. Hushrack soundproof cabinets have quieter fan trays incorporated in their cooling system, which is the main reason for them running so silently.

At the end of the day, more and more businesses are realising that highly scalable, as well as expandable storage units that allow for seamless integration is the only way forward for any growing business that relies heavily on its IT systems. But this also has to be easily accessible, manageable, as well as reliable so it is always preferable to have storage systems equipped with redundant and hot-swappable components. But these have to run as quietly as possible in order to make the workplace comfortable to work in.

Being able to install one or multiple dedicated servers in an office area means, being able to easily maintain the aesthetics of your office environment but without the very annoying background noise that used to be synonymous with servers.

If your workplace is dusty or dirty, then there is also the choice of special filtered Hushrack server racks, which can be custom built to order.