Windows Expert Series is Ineffective in Detecting and Removing Malware

July 13, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Windows Expert Series is sophisticated in the sense that it successfully convinces PC users that their system is infected with multiple malware threats. A removal report for Windows Expert Series has been released by to educate PC users on how Windows Expert Series infects computers. Windows Expert Series does not sway too far from the original objective of typical rogue antispyware programs. To the untrained eye, Windows Expert Series does not appear to lack what is expected of a typical antimalware or antispyware program. Windows Expert Series' creators purposely shaped it this way so it may be perceived by many to be a solution to so-called 'security issues' on a PC running Windows.

Even the interface of Windows Expert Series was cleverly crafted to blend into the mix of what is expected of a normal antimalware application. Moreover, Windows Expert Series has essentially the same interface as its predecessors, such as Windows Custom Safety or Windows Virus Hunter.

Several PC security sites, who release daily reports on newly discovered malware, have taken an interest in Windows Expert Series in identifying it as one of the latest malware threats. Being that Windows Expert Series is classified as a malware threat by security sites, it should be treated as such. With a large population of PC users not knowing the legitimacy of Windows Expert Series, these sites, including, have a difficult task of getting the word out about Windows Expert Series.

When encountering Windows Expert Series, it should be removed just as in the situation of discovering a computer virus. Naturally, after figuring out that Windows Expert Series is a malicious application, a PC user would want to remove it. Regrettably, removing Windows Expert Series is not always easy to accomplish, which is why security outlets such as have released detailed Windows Expert Series removal reports.

Within the Windows Expert Series removal report at, several aspects about this fake security program are revealed. Additionally, many symptoms to look out for that come as a result of having Windows Expert Series installed on your system, are pointed out on the report. These symptoms range from annoying and deceitful pop-up warning messages to posting bogus malware threats in system scan reports.

The video 'How to Detect and Remove Windows Expert Series' has been posted to demonstrate several screens rendered by Windows Expert Series and how easy it can be to remove Windows Expert Series with the proper antimalware resource.