Geo & Associates: How Important is a Brand in Today's Economy

July 14, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
As the world is constantly changing so must we! It's an ongoing process that involves using the data that we collect to drive, change or evolve our current marketing decisions and more importantly, our brand. Georgia Lacy, President, says "We understand this better than anyone, especially in this rapidly changing environment and economy."

We strongly recommend that brand development be done in components. The brand should create the expectation as your company evolves while identifying key messages of your core benefits. First we must identify several important keys in building a brand identity that will stand out.

The components necessary to create this brand are:
1. Research Analysis – both existing and new, including on-site interviews.
2. Brand retreat – 4 hours off-site – top management look at information obtained and the first comps of the brand creative.
3. Final Brand Graphics and Design be developed.

There are several factors that are crucial in building a successful brand. The development of an effective, long-lasting new brand must be created to contain the following:

1. Progressive and Memorable – all elements of the new brand will help you stand out from your competition and your market, with graphics and materials that will include lively, impactful lifestyle imagery.
2. Consistent – use of the new brand in all forms of communication, both internally and externally. Let's get everyone excited! Upon completion of the new approved brand we will create a brand guideline manual to be used internally and externally so that every communication, visually and verbally is consistent.
3. Dynamic and with Personality – you must ensure that you don't look like everyone else without creating beyond your market, so that we connect with your potential customers while including benefits and price.
4. Caring and Meaningful delivery of graphics – with the use of symbolic graphics, colors and type choices we will create meaning and will give depth to your brand.
5. Clear and Honest – messaging will be communicated in a clean and precise manner
6. Fun and Unique – in both look and feel, as well as in messaging. We want to be looked at!

By taking the above into consideration creating the brand architecture that will focus on the emotional benefits that your brand will convey and what your brand means to your targets. This architecture will help define your desired positioning to create the experience we want your brand to deliver in the marketplace and help us connect with your market on an emotional level and show your personality of what you stand for.

This will position the company favorably amongst your target demographics across your entire footprint and dominate creatively in your marketplace and among your consumers, as well as your competition.

Geo & Associates is a full service marketing group. Its dedication to result driven media has made it one of Southern Arizona's largest and most respected firms. Its 32 year history spans local and international clients. Its parent company also owns the Sahuarita Times newspaper and Fade2Black media in motion hi-def production.