Windows Virus Hunter Uses Exaggerated Spyware Reports to Lure PC Users to its Scam

July 20, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The task of educating PC users about Windows Virus Hunter, and how they are able to remove this pesky program, has been a primary objective for several trusted PC security sources over the Internet lately. Particular security outlets, such as, have released new removal reports to assist PC users with removing the Windows Virus Hunter program. The reports have been crafted as an answer to the cry heard by PC users encountering Windows Virus Hunter and not being able to uninstall the program utilizing familiar methods.

Windows Virus Hunter is not much different from other fake security applications that security researchers have identified over the course of the past few months. These programs include ones sporting the names of Windows Interactive Security, Keep Center Keeper and Windows Expert Series. Each of these apps represents the same type of scam that most often ends with an affected PC user giving up more than $60 to a group of hackers. These hackers fail to provide the services promised through their cleverly crafted fake antimalware programs.

Windows Virus Hunter is a fake antimalware, which may appear to be familiar in the sense that it has an interface almost identical to legitimate antimalware programs available to PC users. Windows Virus Hunter tends to go a step further by attempting to convince PC users of its legitimacy through pop-up warnings and system scans, which all try to prove detection of malware threats on the PC that it is installed on. Most times the messages and scans rendered by Windows Virus Hunter will repeat themselves until the Windows Virus Hunter program is removed. Purchasing Windows Virus Hunter will not stop the aggravating messages nor will it enable Windows Virus Hunter to remove supposedly detected malware.

A video exhibiting the successful removal of Windows Virus Hunter from a PC using an advanced antimalware tool has been linked here.

Windows Virus Hunter is severe enough to warrant immediate action. Without fail, Windows Virus Hunter will continually be a nuisance. Moreover, Windows Virus Hunter will limit normal usage of an infected computer and potentially cause sluggish performance. In an attempt to restore a PC to its normal operating state and eliminate the repeated scam-laden messages from Windows Virus Hunter, it is advisable that PC users take use of an updated and trusted antimalware application.

Removing Windows Virus Hunter may be accomplished through the use of resources provided on removal reports such as the one found on at