Seattle-Based SEO Agency Announces a Winner in the Synnd vs. SocialAdr Debate

July 25, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
After much online debate, a Seattle-based SEO agency, AudienceBloom, has announced a winner between Synnd and SocialAdr, the competing online social signal providers.

In a blog post published on July 10, 2012, AudienceBloom founder & CEO Jayson DeMers breaks down each service across myriad factors, including user interface, number of sites supported, quality of sites supported, social service integration, data exporting, reseller compatibility, and price.

In each section, DeMers includes screen shots of each service along with detailed breakdowns of the data sets used to analyze both services. Of particular interest to SEO and social media agencies might be DeMers' breakdown of the agency (reseller) statistics and compatibility. According to the analysis, the two services have comparable agency features, which may come as a surprise to agency client managers.

The analysis continues with a detailed breakdown of Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ compatibility across the different providers, assigning a slight edge to SocialAdr. Each service is also broken down by which social sites are supported, in which it's made clear that one provider offers higher quantity and quality than the other.

"Mostly we wanted to break down the two services for our own purposes," DeMers says. "But the results actually surprised us, so we wanted to publish them so others could take advantage of our research. We also hope each service uses our findings to improve their respective offerings, since we appreciate the service that both providers are offering."

"Social signals are playing a larger and larger role every day in SEO," DeMers says. "But business owners often don't have time to create them; they have businesses to run. SocialAdr and Synnd offer excellent alternatives for these types of entrepreneurs and small business owners."

While AudienceBloom has historically been associated with SEO services, the changing trends in the SEO industry have pushed AudienceBloom to roll out new service offerings focusing on social media marketing. "You really can't have true SEO without a social component anymore, "DeMers says. "Our goal is to provide a low-cost, 100% managed online marketing solution for our clients, and we believe offering social media marketing services is the best way to do that."

According to DeMers, the Synnd vs. SocialAdr study was performed in line with these new service offerings. "We want to make sure we provide the entire scope of services necessary for our clients to succeed in the online marketing space in this day and age," DeMers says.

As for the winner between Synnd and SocialAdr? "You'll just have to visit the blog to find out!" DeMers says.