Six Freelance Web Professionals form a collaboration called Explainafide

July 19, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Explainafide, a total web design agency located in Castlemaine, Victoria, has recently restructured their company and nearly doubled the number of Internet related services in their offering. Previously specializing in creative web design, heavily focused on the arts market, a team of six specialists in different disciplines now allows Explainafide to broaden both their market and the spectrum of services provided to their clients. Robin Jennings, founder of Explainafide, says their new approach will bring together a close-knit team on a project, rather than just one designer.

When asked what makes Explainafide different, Jennings had this to say: "Up until now, we've been mostly focused on creative web design, with some peripheral services like logo design and copywriting. That was the vast majority of our business. But we discovered that there are tons of small and medium businesses out there that want to have a meaningful web presence, but haven't a clue how to go about it.

"So we've formed a team of some top notch professionals that allows us to offer a broad spectrum of web services, from website design and development through video production services and SEO. We specialize in working with companies that are forced to work within a very limited budget. We know what that's like… we were there once ourselves."

Jennings goes on to list the other services the company now offers, which include SEO (search engine optimisation), photography, video, Internet marketing, copywriting and social media, in addition to the core website design service.

Jennings added, "We are good at what we do because we all truly love it. I can't imagine myself doing anything else. There's a special satisfaction in sitting down with a business owner, artist or consultant and working out a strategy to achieve their special needs on what is often a shoestring budget. When you deliver, it makes it all worthwhile!"

Explainafide has also recently launched its new website, showcasing some of the innovative features they offer their clients, and giving details on the new services they are now providing. Information can also be found there on the training they offer, helping site owners learn to manage and update their own websites, rather than having to pay for every minor change.

You can see more information on Explainafide and its services on their new website.