Greenrope Integrated Software Provider For Smbs Launches Attribution Tracking And Customer Ticketing Services

July 20, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
SAN DIEGO - July 20, 2012 - GreenRope, the cloud-based, integrated software platform devoted to helping SMBs run their businesses more efficiently for less money and greater ROI, today announced the launch of two new services, GreenRope Attribution Tracking and GreenRope Customer Service Ticketing.

"Optimizing marketing campaigns to generate new customers and income truly is one of the greatest challenges that SMBs face," said Lars Helgeson, founder and CEO of GreenRope. "Our Attribution Tracking system gives our clients the opportunity to track exactly where leads and conversions are coming from and when potential customers are on their websites. Businesses are empowered with these kinds of analytics to make adjustments and maximize the value and output of their campaigns."

GreenRope's Attribution Tracking gives credit to SMBs' digital marketing channels through automatically measuring lead sources and websites correlated to contacts in the company's Customer Relationship Management (CRM). By building, customizing and comparing data, SMBs can gain insight into the impact of various marketing programs, as they work together to drive sales and conversions. SMBs are able to create budgets on more realistic values, run more balanced marketing campaigns, and improve overall results.
Benefits for SMBs for the GreenRope Attribution Tracking Include:

  • Unlike other players in the industry the GreenRope Attribution Tracking automatically ties to all CRM contacts.
  • Provides analytics across the organization, allowing for truly integrated and comprehensive results and conclusions.
  • Businesses can compare inbound clicks and conversations across channels, including paid and organic search, email affiliate marketing, display ads, and mobile placements.

  • GreenRope's second announcement is the launch of their new Customer Service Ticketing system, which allows customers to create a customized landing page that allows a company to link to it from their website. Clients simply fill out a ticket regarding a grievance, sales, or service request and it gets sent to a group of individuals inside of a GreenRope account. The person filling out the ticket gets added to a dedicated group for that question or need. At that time, a "drip campaign" can also be set up, a communication strategy that sends, or "drips," a pre-written set of messages to customers or prospects over time.

    CRM integration into GreenRope's Customer Service Ticketing provides the ability for individuals within a company to look up a specific contact. In addition to viewing information on that contact, they are able to view their tickets and how those issues or requests were resolved and the response.

    GreenRope's Customer Service Ticketing also has many customizable options including:

  • Each ticket can have a set of categories available to address questions.
  • Each category can be automatically assigned to the correct team member who can properly respond while keeping the entire ticketing group informed of its status.

  • GreenRope was founded by Lars Helgeson who saw the need to make running a small to mid-sized business easier and more efficient. GreenRope's mission is to resolve the challenges of managing business operations by providing cloud-based integrated software that is effective, affordable, and user friendly. GreenRope streamlines key operations, including e-commerce and accounting, CRM, email marketing, calendaring, websites, social media and more, into one easy-to-use platform. By using GreenRope, companies can reduce their marketing and CRM software expenses by an estimated 80%. GreenRope's affordable pricing plans start as low as $25/month. Visit for more information.

    Jennifer Borba von Stauffenberg
    Olive PR Solutions, Inc.