Windows Virtual Firewall Uses Aggressive Scam Tactics to Extort Money from Naive PC Users

July 21, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News labels Windows Virtual Firewall as a scam masked underneath an interface, which copies the look of legitimate antimalware programs. Windows Virtual Firewall was created by computer hackers who intend on actively scamming PC users out of money through aggressive techniques.

Computer users will find that an encounter by the Windows Virtual Firewall program is unwanted due to its annoying behavior. This behavior is summed up as being rather clever in its sneaky ways of rendering pop-up warnings of detected malware threats. Moreover, Windows Virtual Firewall is known to conduct system scans where the results are fabricated. In a way, Windows Virtual Firewall attempts to convince PC users that their system is badly in need of a cure from the malware installed on it.

Many of the techniques used by Windows Virtual Firewall are virtually identical to ones uncovered on other rogue antispyware programs such as Windows Expert Series and Windows Home Patron. These programs all represent a scam that continues to plague an abundance of computers connected to the Internet.

The release of multiple removal guides and reports specific to Windows Virtual Firewall is a clear indication of the potency of Windows Virtual Firewall. Malware researchers have released these reports to help address the situation where Windows Virtual Firewall cannot be uninstalled or removed utilizing common uninstallation methods. In fact, Windows Virtual Firewall may reside on a PC until the proper antimalware application is obtained to safely remove all Windows Virtual Firewall related files from ones system.

As a revelation of how Windows Virtual Firewall can be removed using an updated antimalware program, the video linked here shows a live demonstration of Windows Virtual Firewall being detected and removed.

The video linked above comes from an actual PC user utilizing the removal resources found on the updated Windows Virtual Firewall removal report at PC users may use this report to acquire additional information on Windows Virtual Firewall, in addition to other means of removing Windows Virtual Firewall.