Windows Web Combat Proven to be a Failure at Removing Malware

July 21, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
In any line of combat, the Windows Web Combat program would be an unwelcomed partner in the battle against malware due to its failed ability to detect or remove such threats. According to, Windows Web Combat is another run of fake antimalware developed and marketed by hideous hackers.

Windows Web Combat was created for the main purpose of rendering a scam that eventually unleashes money-grabbing techniques in the field of naive computer users. Through this process, Windows Web Combat usually becomes the adversary to the computer user in an effort to remove the Windows Web Combat application.

Windows Web Combat is actually malware, in the sense that it does not provide any type of usable function or help with the detection and removal of legitimate threats. Most PC users who encounter will take notice to repeated pop-up alerts strongly worded with petrifying language. The scenario that these pop-up alerts attempt to get across to PC users is the idea that their system is infected with a multitude of parasites. Once the message is relayed, Windows Web Combat will then navigate users to a web site asking for payment in obtaining a registered copy of Windows Web Combat.

The registered version of Windows Web Combat makes a claim of being able to rid a system of the so-called detected malware threats. Once purchased, the user will then discover how they have been taken for a ride, where Windows Web Combat fails to perform its promised duties. Other fake antimalware programs, such as Windows Virtual Angel and Windows Security Renewal, are believed to be predecessors of Windows Web Combat.

After discovering that Windows Web Combat is in fact a scam, PC users have naturally taken to resources online to assist them with removing Windows Web Combat. The resources found on's Windows Web Combat removal report at, were created as an answer to Windows Web Combat's inability to be uninstalled using well-known methods. Basically, Windows Web Combat cannot be uninstalled utilizing functions within the Windows operating system. The creators of Windows Web Combat purposely created it that way.

The removal process of Windows Web Combat can be observed in the video linked here titled 'Detect and Remove Windows Web Combat Rogue AntiSpyware App.' Many PC users will take special notice to the familiar screens that they may have witnessed in having Windows Web Combat installed on their PC. The other screen shots may be a sign of relief considering how the specialized resources used in the video successfully detect and remove Windows Web Combat from ones PC.

At all costs, PC users should not give into Windows Web Combat's antics. Removing Windows Web Combat is an essential step to restoring a potentially malware-infected PC back to its normal operating state.