Windows Home Patron Uncovered as a Fake Antispyware App Designed to Scam PC Users

July 24, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Windows Home Patron is a corrupt security program, which continues to cause mass confusion and infuriation among computer users who have encountered it. Many reports, such as Windows Home Patron removal report, have been posted in regards to Windows Home Patron not being able to be uninstalled, as you would remove any other Windows application. This has sparked security experts to release new removal reports addressing the specific needs of these PC users to remove Windows Home Patron from their PC.

The intensive scam that Windows Home Patron renders is one that plays on a PC user's patience and nerve. It is an absolute horror when a PC's screen is filled with erroneous pop-up alerts, such as in the situation where Windows Home Patron is present. Windows Home Patron is keen to displaying a multitude of these pop-up messages an in an effort to gain the trust of computer users.

The creators of Windows Home Patron, or simply referred to by security researchers as hackers, have taken the time to craft Windows Home Patron and other malware programs. Many of these programs, such as Windows Premium Defender or Windows Active Guard, are specifically designed to scam PC users out of money.

The complete process of scamming PC users out of money usually starts with gaining trust and then redirecting web browsers to a purchase site that lists the or useless Windows Home Patron. The purchase screen is essentially a means of buying a registered copy of Windows Home Patron, which promises to remove the malware that it supposedly detected. After obtaining the purchased version of Windows Home Patron, it is then that PC users discover its failed ability to fulfill its promised actions of removing malware.

There is only a limited amount of ways to remove Windows Home Patron. Among these removal methods, the most popular and easiest method is validated in the video linked here titled "Detect Windows Home Patron"

For computer users who wish to remove Windows Home Patron in a manner similar to the way demonstrated in the linked video, may utilize the removal resources found on the Windows Home Patron removal report at: