EveryoneTexts Inc. Announces, 'TextSmart-DriveSafe' Application With Stay Out of Jail and Verify Liability Certification

July 25, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Chicago, IL, July 25th, 2012 - E1T, a premier provider of smart phone applications, introduces a new data service for its TextSmart-DriveSafe phone application that provides independent certification of safe driving behavior leading up to the time of an accident or traffic incident. Our customers can protect themselves from unjust fines, excess financial liability, and even imprisonment when falsely accused of distracted driving from use of a phone with the TextSmart-DriveSafe app installed. Using sophisticated technology that is already included in every TextSmart-DriveSafe phone application and a web services subscription, E1T can verify safe driving behavior at the time of, and leading up to, an accident, a traffic stop, or a traffic violation. Release 7 due out end of this quarter will have additional Certification Notifications!

A distracted driving fine in parts of New Jersey is already as high as $600. Distracted driving accidents can be prosecuted as an assault instead of just a traffic accident. Phone use, as a contributing factor in the cause of an accident, can be considered negligence, leading to severe penalties and imprisonment that one would not normally associate with a 'traffic offense. 'When there are fatalities resulting from distracted driving, the vehicle operator, the owner, and even an employer can be subject to excess liability from the incident. Recent legislation in the State of New Jersey allows the driver to even be charged with a homicide (murder). And more states are sure to follow.

"We want people to use our app because they are compassionate, reasonable and responsible persons." said Steven Meister, President of E1T. "But how does a responsible driver defend oneself from a witness that "saw the driver looking down" or from law enforcement personnel that issue a ticket based on an inaccurate witness statement? And when the case goes to court, how do you protect yourself from an over-reaching attorney who disregards subpoenaed phone records that prove you were not texting or on a cell call at the time of an accident with an argument that you were reading an email, phone GPS, or even changing the music on your phone or tablet? That is why we are offering this certification service to responsible drivers who use our TextSmart-DriveSafe phone app with TrackQ. Now you can truly prove your phone use did not contribute to an incident."

There is an escalating severity of epidemic proportions causing a worldwide crisis due to irresponsible texting and other phone use while driving. While some distractions are not preventable, cell phone distraction certainly is. Unlike drunk driving, it is a choice, not a disease induced impairment. But the consequences are equally severe. The TextSmart-DriveSafe phone application completely shuts down your ability to use your phone while driving, unless it is overridden for an emergency or otherwise. Every override is part of the usage metrics generated by the application. The usage data is not accessible by the user and is tamper proof. Therefore if you put the app on all your phones, you are protected. With E1T's new Certification of Safe Driving Behavior, you have peace of mind that your choice for responsible driving is not only what you believe, but defensible in a court of law through E1T's independent verification service.

According to Mr. Meister, "This is a major milestone for the smart phone and tablets industry. The most technologically advanced protection is now available on the iPhone, iPads, iTouch, Android Smart Phones and Blackberry Smart Phones."

Additional add-on features include a TextSmart-DriveSafe web subscription where parents and employers can see a phone or tablet's location on demand and also verify that the driver/phone user is in compliance with the limits set by the parent or by an employer's administrator. The app can also be managed remotely through this web subscription service by phone or tablet.

TextSmart-DriveSafe's goal is to reduce deaths and injuries caused by distracted drivers. The app keeps the phone and tablet in SAFE mode while the driver:

  • Stays focused on driving
  • Keeps his/her eyes on the road, hands on the wheel, ready to react to real-time traffic situations that are faced every day

  • Application Features

  • Parental/Employer Mode: TextSmart-DriveSafe puts a block screen on your phone and tablet while disabling the phone
  • One-click Emergency Panic Button notifies pre-programmed recipients that phone and tablet user is in an emergency and gives the phone's location
  • Simple one-click button to override blocked screen for two minutes, and notifies parent or administrator of the override
  • Built in scheduler to turn app features on and off, controlled by administrators, who are notified when GPS is turned off or the product is uninstalled
  • With TextSmart-DriveSafe web subscription, you can manage any phone on your cell phone service provider's account, and do it from your smart phone, tablet, or favorite Wi-Fi Internet location. You can change or authorize your child's phone and tablet usage restrictions instantaneously when your plans or your child's plans change.

  • No More Excuses – This TextSmart-DriveSafe Phone and Tablet Application is complete (not a limited version) and FREE for a limited time. Make the choice for responsible driving… and protect yourself and loved ones from unjust litigation, liability, penalties, and license revocation.

    The optional TextSmart-DriveSafe web subscription is $1.99 per month or $14.99 per year and delivers the ability to remotely control Android and iPhones and tablets using the E1T website or from the parent or administrator's phone and tablet.

    EveryoneTexts worked with law enforcement, parents, technicians, cell phone users and administrators to deliver a unique solution that complies with existing laws, reduces road carnage from distracted driving, and offers a personal emergency notification system.

    Save Lives…….Stay Focused…… Stay Connected. Go to www.everyonetexts.com and learn how easy and effective this app is to use. TextSmart-DriveSafe can be downloaded through Google Play, Blackberry App Store, and the Apple iTunes Store NOW!

    About EveryoneTexts Inc.

    E1T is a company specializing in Smart Phone and Tablet Applications Development. E1T is devoted to developing leading applications for the safety and convenience of our customers. Watch for the new and engaging Social Media and Dating application, as well as commercial apps and other devices to track and monitor special needs children, the elderly, dogs, and other property in transit. Our mission is to offer easy-to-use solutions that keep our customers safer, meet their real, daily needs, and offer legally compliant safe driving solutions to protect their jobs, property, and loved ones.

    Contact: Steven Meister – 847-791-7838 stevenmeister@everyonetexts.com twitter @stevenameister