July 30, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
London July 30, 2012 A10SM, one of the UK's leading Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy agencies, has launched their new website which is aimed at explaining the importance of SEO and online marketing as well as sharing insights and tips for more effective strategies.

Online marketing and SEO have become part of the day-to-day implementation of any successful company's standard marketing activities. With the old Internet marketing model of 'Pay-Per-Click' advertising, a company can easily drain their entire advertising budget with very little return due to diminishing returns and a low conversion rate. However, a good SEO strategy offers a high return on investment, because the cost does not increase with the volume of traffic. Unlike with PPC strategies, a proper SEO method will improve your ROI when your traffic increases, rather than of worsen it.

The effectiveness of SEO stems from its two-pronged method of attack. First, the website is optimised for keywords so that more traffic is attracted to the website. A10sm has proven their effectiveness at this by delivering Page One Google placements for many different clients. Second, the website is optimised for higher conversion rates, matching the goods and services people want with the specific keywords they use to find those particular products or websites.

But A10sm has more to offer than just SEO tactics. They can also design emails, games, and videos to go viral, potentially turning the organic buzz of the Internet into an extension of your marketing department! They can also design and market types of display advertising that helps a company build its online brand awareness and generate leads and sales.

The Internet has progressed far beyond the simple, static web pages that companies once used to announce their latest products. These days, the best web sites need to be interactive and constantly changing, with blog posts, relevant videos, and other useful information updated regularly to keep people coming back. Of course, a full Internet marketing campaign will take into account Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media services. All of these different outlets need to be sending the same messages to consumers in order to create a cohesive and coherent marketing campaign.

However, even after implementing each of these proven online marketing techniques, A10SM is still not finished! They continue to monitor the customer usage of your website, ensuring that the user's experience of your website to a purchase or inquiry is fully optimised and satisfying, thus enhancing their relationship with your company. Once the customer makes a purchase, A10SM also ensures that your website is then optimised to deliver the maximum upsell potential.

All of these steps need to be fully understood and professionally executed for an effective Internet marketing campaign. That is why A10SM was recognised by the International Business Times as one of the top ten UK agencies!

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