Clearwater Orthodontist's Advice To Invisalign Teen Patients

July 29, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
DUNEDIN AND SPRING HILL, FLORIDA - Invisalign Teen celebrates its fourth anniversary since its debut in July 2008. With its growing fame, Dr. Albert Fontaine is helping teens discover if Invisalign Teen is the best treatment for them.

"Invisalign Teen can be a great option for the right patient. It's particularly helpful to student athletes or musicians," says Fontaine, a Clearwater orthodontist.

Dr. Fontaine reveals four things patients should take into account before getting the Invisalign Teen treatment:

#1. Complying with the Treatment
"If the patient isn't cooperating and wearing the aligners regularly, no matter how many dots are on the tray, they won't see the results they want," said Fontaine, a Clearwater orthodontic treatment provider.

The Invisalign Teen clear aligners' compliance indicator dots reveal how regularly the teen wears them. If a teen is forgetful, Invisalign Teen may not be the best option for them.

#2. Treatment Must Last 18 Months or Less
Teens needing minor to normal orthodontic correction should consider Invisalign Teen for their treatment. If their orthodontic conditions require more than 18 months to correct, they should contemplate fixed braces for their orthodontic treatment.

#3. First Bicuspids Must Have Erupted Before Invisalign
Fontaine suggests the first bicuspids erupt before starting the Invisalign Teen program, allowing the trays to fully settle and preserve the archform.

#4 Gums Must Be Capable of Holding Invisalign Teen Aligners
"The gum recedes as people age and the younger the patient, the higher the gums are," says Fontaine. "The tray doesn't seat as well when they have more gum tissue and less tooth exposed."

Gums can also swell due to lack of proper brushing. Conversely, Invisalign can be preferable to braces if a hygiene problem exists.

Invisalign Teen has helped millions of teenagers and teen celebrities since its launch in 2008.

If Invisalign Teen isn't the treatment for a patient's teeth, Fontaine's office provides ceramic braces as an alternative to dental braces to straighten teeth or correct gap teeth.

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