introduces "instant" chiropractic websites with a web store option

July 31, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Mesquite, TX July 31, 2012 - introduces an easy way for chiropractic clinics to add an extra revenue stream online with a simple 3 step process for creating a chiropractor website instantly. is the industry leader in developing websites that are specifically designed for a chiropractor's needs. Today the chiropractic industry is very competitive, and having a website can determine the success or failure of a chiropractic clinic. is focused on helping chiropractors with its chiropractic specific applications that increase the functionality of chiropractic websites through educational videos, 3D consultation and education pieces, newsletter, and other applications for patient education and retention. One of the major advantages that ClinicApps has over other chiropractic web development companies is the ability for chiropractors to add an extra source of income to their website by providing a fully stocked web store option.

The ClinicApps website makes it simple for chiropractors to build a website for their clinic in about 5 minutes. The first step requires the clinic's phone number, afterwards ClinicApps will populate the address and other information pertinent to their specific location. The most attractive feature of ClinicApps websites is the ability to instantly add an online store with over 1,500 items. The online store has an option for chiropractors to add their own products and provides a secure shopping cart for quick and easy online transactions. Another option that most chiropractors enjoy about their ClinicApps website is their ability to schedule appointments directly from the site. This feature has reduced phone calls to clinics, and many chiropractors claim that overall client satisfaction has increased since implementing this feature on their website. Another very popular feature for patients has been the opportunity for conducting 3D consultations online. ClinicApps provides informative monthly newsletters, as well as different introductory videos that welcome visitors to the site .ClinicApps employs developers, designers, content creators, and other creative minds in order to meet the needs of chiropractors and keep innovating in the chiropractic websites field . The team is developing a blogging platform and recently released the 2.6 update which is currently live on the ClinicApps main site, and will soon roll out as an add-on for chiropractor websites. ClinicApps strives to help chiropractors who need a simple site, as well as clinics that need custom websites with more customized designs and SEO services.

Recently chiropractors have been seeing an increase in children needing chiropractic treatment, so ClinicApps has introduced ChiroKidsZone, which serves as a liaison between parents and kids to understand their chiropractic health. ChiroKidsZone features games, videos, and kid's activities, as well as tips on how to prevent backpack misuse, and tips for maintaining a healthy spine. ChiroKidsZone is an example of how ClinicApps listens to chiropractor's needs, understands the industry, and quickly adapts to embrace new trends in technology. Another initiative ClinicApps is taking to gain more feedback from chiropractors and their patients is making a commitment to being more active in social media networks and online communities. ClinicApps strives to provide chiropractors with the right information, knowledge, and technology to expand their business both online and offline.

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