QUORiON Introduces New Electronic Cash Registers for Retail Stores and Restaurants

August 07, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Cash registers for sale there is a term that seldomly appears these days, as the industry faces increased turmoil from new entries and technology. Mobile POS systems, NFC technology, and the cloud are the trending topics of the day. New industry players relentlessly push these in the media in an effort to find their market niche. However, what happened to the people that still want to pay with cash? While not trendy, the traditional electronic cash register still remains at the front of most small business transactions. According to Mr. Patrick Grueschow, "Big tablet manufacturers still struggle in emerging markets, as Internet connections remain unreliable. While mobile technology is here to stay, we must not lose sight of the fact that most people in the world still want to pay with cash. Contrary to popular belief, the traditional cash register is not dead yet." For this reason QUORiON, the German POS system manufacturer, has developed its final evolution of the cash register the QMP2000.

The new product line comprises electronic cash registers for retail stores and restaurants. Although hailed as a traditional electronic cash register, looks are deceiving. In fact, the QMP2000 will come with a modern 32 bit ARM processor that one sees in most cell phones. Moreover, it will feature today's popular interfaces such as USB, LAN, and an SD card slot. The built-in displays are state-of-the art as well and impress with graphics and blue back light. "We have engineered cash registers for over a decade now. The QMP2000 marks our ultimate cash register evolution. You can connect all the modern POS devices you need to run your business plus set up device networks. I am especially pleased with the new displays. They are easy on the eyes, no matter what lighting conditions you encounter. As far as features and functionality are concerned, the QMP2000 is just short of a more expensive touch screen POS system and therefore ideal for small businesses," Mr. Matthias Hesse, QUORiON's product manager, proclaims.

Many manufacturers assert that their products are cash registers for small business. With the release of stock control management and electronic journal analysis software, QUORiON now proves that argument. "There is no longer a need for spread sheets. As usual the QMP2000 will operate with our QMP POS software that all our customers are very familiar with. Combined with the add-ons, you receive everything you need to run your small business. The QMP2000 furnishes the memory capacity that you require to make backups and store sales data for analysis," Mr. Hesse adds.

The traditional electronic cash register may not be trendy, but according to QUORiON's sales director, Mrs. Cordula Rehfeldt, remains price competitive to emerging mobile solutions. In addition, the QMP2000 tightens the QUORiON product line up, because one model now can serve both retail stores and restaurants. The QMP POS software supplies complete functionality for both industry sectors. To illustrate, it includes critical features such as table management, floating cashiers, multiple price levels, mix & match, and comprehensive reports with clerk time attendance. The end user fully determines the nature of his installment through customized hardware options and software settings.

The QMP 2000 launches in the fall of 2012.