Buma Stemra Virus Uses Ransomware Tactics to Hold Your Computer Hostage

August 04, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Buma Stemra Virus is a deceptive threat to computers where it is known to redirect web browsers to misleading sites. The particular sites that Buma Stemra Virus may redirect users to are laced with misleading language. According to EnigmaSoftware.com, the site related to Buma Stemra Virus was also found to be written in Dutch and alleging to be from a law enforcement agency.

Buma Stemra Virus is more of a ransom where it holds a system hostage further threatening a PC user with fake law enforcement messages. Some PC users may fall for the scam rendered by Buma Stemra Virus, later giving up their money through a payment system on the same Buma Stemra Virus site.

Buma Stemra Virus has been outlined in removal reports to be a related threat to variations of Metropolitan Police scams. These scams also utilize fraudulent websites, which appear to come from law enforcement agencies. The hackers behind the Buma Stemra Virus may be into laundering money received as a ransom.

Removing the Buma Stemra Virus threat has turned into a difficult task for many PC users. Usually the manual removal process for Buma Stemra Virus cannot be successfully mastered without the necessary resources. Fortunately, these resources may be found and utilized from reports on various trusted PC security sites.

A particular site, EnigmaSoftware.com, has released an updated removal report to address the needs for PC users to remove the Buma Stemra Virus threat and all malware files associated with it. In removing Buma Stemra Virus, PC users will alleviate the repeated site redirections that come with Buma Stemra Virus.

The image linked within this release is an actual example of a site related to the Buma Stemra Virus threat. If this site is noticed by a PC user, they should take immediate action use the removal resources at: http://www.enigmasoftware.com/bumastemravirus-removal/