Fat Loss: Noted Diet and Fitness Guide Talks About the "Five E's" of Dieting and Weight-Loss

August 07, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Wixom, Michigan — Mr. Rob Poulos, whose FatBurningFurnace.com website has become a major point of discussion in the health- and weight-loss industry, recently shared with his readers his "Five E's," which are unique healthy weight loss strategies that anyone can use.

What You do and What You Eat are Critical

"Right off the bat," said Poulos, "we need to start with exercise. That's the first E in this plan. We as a society are much too inactive, too sedentary. We need to get up and get moving. Healthy exercise is balanced between cardio routines that stress our system in a good way, and strength-training regimens that improve our muscle tone. These two types of exercises should be alternated, every other day, one day for cardio, the other for strength-training. It's one of the most important of all the fast fit tips."

"Secondly," according to Poulos, "we need to focus on eating — that is the second E. There is no sense in trying to rely on complicated menus and food charts. Just focus on simple, unprocessed, nutrient-dense food choices. Stay away from processed foods that contain lots of extra calories, sweeteners, food additives and chemicals which do nothing to fuel your body."

The Most Important Meal of the Day, and the Most Critical form of Rest

In addition to these two primary needs, Mr. Poulos stressed the importance of breakfast and getting the proper amount of sleep. "The third E in my plan is to extend your sleeping time. Most people today don't get enough. We need at least 7-8 hours of continuous sleep each day. Getting proper rest ensures that we have the proper levels of certain hormones that help to regulate our feelings of hunger. The fourth E is to emphasize breakfast, because it gives us that critical amount of fuel that we need to launch into our day. Skip breakfast and you will soon feel hungry, and will be tempted to grab something while on the go which is convenient but not very healthy."

Don't Forget to Live a Little

Finally, Pouolos says that it is vitally important to loosen up and be flexible. "My fourth E is to experiment a little. Don't bind yourself too tightly to a particular regimen, menu or supplement. Don't be afraid to indulge a little. For example, check out a
green tea review or two, and try a smoothie, or try something delicious on your next outdoor grilling social event. Eating the same stuff day after day gets to be very boring, and if you grow tired of an over-used approach you will be tempted to stop eating healthy altogether. "

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