The Fake Antivirus App Windows Antivirus Machine Perpetuates Misleading Malware Reports

August 09, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Windows Antivirus Machine is much like its predecessors in the way it is presented as a tool for detecting and removing malware from a PC. The issues that come with Windows Antivirus Machine, including the inability for PC users to easily remove Windows Antivirus Machine, have been addressed in recently released removal reports. What seems as a never-ending battle to tackle Windows Antivirus Machine and its annoying pop-up alerts, is a situation that can be entirely avoided with the use of an antimalware application.

Within the newly released Windows Antivirus Machine removal report at, there's an outline on how a PC user is able to protect themselves from the Windows Antivirus Machine scam. Usually this guide will assist competent PC users with avoiding future malware threats such as Windows Antivirus Machine. It also clearly identifies ways that PC users are able to uninstall the Windows Antivirus Machine program. These methods have been provided due to Windows Antivirus Machine not having a means of uninstalling through conventional Windows uninstall methods. Other PC users will take use of other resources in the removal report, such as antimalware resources.

Windows Antivirus Machine may show its ugly face multiple times when installed. Usually, Windows Antivirus Machine will display repeated pop-up alerts and later attempt to scan the system for malware threats. The scan results, without fail, comeback with plagiarized results used as a scare tactic. Many of these programs, such as Windows Antivirus Release or Windows Premium Console, come from the same family of malware creators. This family of malware has been identified as FakeVimes and is continually growing each day.

The removal process for Windows Antivirus Machine has been summarized in a video presentation linked here

PC users may perform the same actions as shown in the 'How to Remove Windows Antivirus Machine' video linked above. Additionally, they may visit the complete Windows Antivirus Machine removal report found at and make use of all the provided removal resources to rid their system of Windows Antivirus Machine for good.