Nikenya Friends Social Networking a New Gifts Giving Online Community

August 11, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Nikenya Friends, a new web 2.0 online community, is opening its virtual doors for new members to join a new networking site to meet with other members, talk, laugh, cry and even quarrel with each other.

Founded by Nyamache, Nikenya gifts dotcom is intended for members to interact with others as they strive to reach new levels as they work to achieve personal and professional goals. Two slogans on the site "New Day. Better You!" and "Nikenya, Friends You Can Almost Always Count On," provide a good description of the site's intent.

Nikenya has also included text that says, "Ask and learn, discover it all, connect the dots, be happy and joyful." Nyamache states that he struggled to develop an easy-to-understand answer about his website. Finally, he said, he figured out that his website is about pursuing the American dream.

Like other social networking sites, Nikenya Friends strives to help members develop friendships where members are able to "find satisfaction, joy and peace in life." Nikenya Friends has one difference from other networking sites Nyamache, its founder, has promised a way for his site's members to turbo-charge their hobbies.

Nyamache has developed a blog, which he has connected to his new social networking site. As new members sign up for his networking site, he encourages them to subscribe to his blog. This enables him to draw in new users. His users, by subscribing and reading his blog posts, will be kept up-to-date with site news, allowing them to stay current and share their thoughts with each other.

Nikenya Friends isn't just a professional networking site, nor is it just a site for real and virtual friends to connect. Instead, it is a place for members, new and old, to discuss controversial issues, boyfriend/girlfriend issues and gift ideas. The site will allow members to post quotes, jokes and poems. In short, it will be a site that offers something for everyone.

As new users type the website address, into their browser windows and click, they are taken to a neat, clean and easy-to-read website. An elongated graphic of the globe, with black outlines of several people standing and interacting with each other, symbolizes the site's ability to help users reach out to other users in all areas of the globe.

Nikenya was started in 2010 by Nyamache, also known as Little Joe. His goal in launching this site is to encourage members as they strive to reach goals and pursue the "Elusive American Dream."