Windows Virtual Security Exemplifies Its Failed Abilities to Detect and Remove Malware

September 01, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News reports on another rogue antispyware program called Windows Virtual Security. Windows Virtual Security is a virtual nightmare for PC users who tend to get a perpetuation of misleading pop-up alerts that have no positive influence on the actual state of their computer. Usually these misleading pop-up messages are followed up with system scan results, which have been determined by security researchers to be fabricated.

The Windows Virtual Security program is part of a scam and large family of malicious security tools. This family, commonly referred to as FakeVimes, has introduced an abundance of fake security programs all possessing the same basic graphical interface.

Windows Virtual Security has an objective of tricking PC users out of money. This scam conducted by Windows Virtual Security, usually ends with the PC user paying for a licensed or registered copy of the Windows Virtual Security application in hopes that it would remove all malware that it supposedly detected. Unfortunately, Windows Virtual Security will not suffice and ultimately disappoint. Identifying Windows Virtual Security and its predecessors, such as Windows Premium Defender and Windows Antivirus Machine, is a nonissue for computer experts. However, PC users who have no experience with computer security in general, may easily mistake Windows Virtual Security for a legitimate security program.

The video linked here exemplifies the many false alerts that Windows Virtual Security displays, in addition to how a PC user is able to utilize the proper resources to remove Windows Virtual Security from their computer.

PC users may have a difficult time removing Windows Virtual Security from their system. Windows Virtual Security was actually created to make removal difficult, as the Windows control panel features may not be used to uninstall Windows Virtual Security. As a solution, the removal report for Windows Virtual Security at provides specialized resources to automatically remove Windows Virtual Security.