Nature's Sleep Offers Convenience and Comfort via Newly redesigned Website

August 16, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
DAVIE, Florida August 16, 2012 Nature's Sleep, one of the fastest growing specialty mattress companies in America, recently launched their newly redesigned website offering its products directly to customers' doors. From mattresses to dog beds to toppers, Nature's Sleep specializes in comfortable, safe products, many of which are allergen free and environmentally friendly.

The Florida company utilizes proprietary Advanced Memory Foam technology in many of its products. This special formulation reacts to the sleeper's body weight, temperature and shape to gently mold, contour and support the body.

"Nature's Sleep products are all made exclusively with memory foam that has been independently certified as safe by CertiPUR-US laboratories," Nature's Sleep's Jen Medeiros says. "What this means is they follow strict guidelines to ensure the environmental safety (both indoors and outdoors) of their products."

In addition, Nature's Sleep offers unique KD foundations which can be shipped via FedEx or UPS and assembles easily in the customer's home in minutes. There are also several adjustable base options which allow the sleeper to adjust the mattress into infinite number of positions using both wireless and wired remote controls. Customers no longer have to prop themselves up in bed with pillows to watch TV, read, or use their laptop in bed. Some bases include head and foot massagers for the ultimate in comfort.

Mattresses and bed frames aren't the only items that can be ordered from the new Nature's Sleep website and shipped to the customer's house. The site also includes Memory Foam pillows, mattress toppers, pet beds, and even slippers. With a Memory Foam pet bed, pets sleep in luxury, allowing your pet to sleep as comfortably as you do without being in your bed! Additionally, all Nature's Sleep's pet beds are washable and include a moisture-proof layer to protect the bed against accidents.

Customers simply looking to improve the mattress they already but aren't ready to replace his or her mattress, may want to look at Nature's Sleep Memory Foam toppers. With either a 3" memory foam topper to offer unmatched comfort and support or their all new Biopolymer Visco Memory Foam topper, infused with negatively-charged ions to help restore the body's natural balance during sleep. These mattress toppers can be placed on a regular mattress or a sofa bed mattress to improve comfort and offer you the great night's sleep you are looking for.

Each of Nature's Sleep's products can be ordered on its website at or via telephone with delivery directly to the customer's door. With customer service available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern time customers can be assured of satisfaction with whatever products they buy.