24 Hour Data Saves the Night with Recent RAID Recovery

August 18, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Dallas, Texas, August 18, 2012 Business owners who provide important services can't accept downtime, even if it means working through the night to re-build a RAID array after a hard drive failure. Encartele, a Dallas-based Voice Over IP provider for correctional and confinement facilities, relies on rock-solid technology to process hundreds of thousands of phone calls, keeping loved ones in touch across the miles.

When a RAID-5 array recently went bad, Encartele owner Scott Moreland faced a data recovery emergency at 10:30 at night. The company was performing system upgrades, so back-ups weren't accessible. "I couldn't get the RAID re-built. I couldn't access my critical data. I admit, I was freaking out a little bit," Moreland said.

He searched the Yellow Pages for Dallas data recovery specialists. But nearly every data recovery company he called didn't answer the phone. "The few who answered quoted me astronomical rates for emergency data recovery at that time of night," Moreland says.

Emergency RAID Recovery: 24 Hour Data Saves the Night

Finally, Moreland says, he dialed the right number: 1-866-598-DATA. The round-the-clock data recovery specialists at 24 Hour Data answered the phone and suggested Moreland drop off the drive. "My immediate reaction was, 'I like this guy!'" Moreland recalls.

Moreland liked the 24 Hour Data experts even better when they called him five hours later to report they recovered all the mission critical data. "I came back in the morning to pick up the re-built RAID array with all my data recovered and in place. It was that easy. Life was good," Moreland says.

Living the Good Life with 24 Hour Data

Since then, Moreland says, his days of shopping for a data recovery service he can trust are over. "They have the most reasonable pricing I could find, and the service is top notch."

He continues, "Data recovery is a highly specialized field, and we associate that with extremely high prices. But that doesn't have to be the case."

Describing 24 Hour Data's RAID recovery rates as "fair" and "reasonable," Moreland says he uses 24 Hour Data, and its partner firm, 24 Hour Computer, for all his high-level IT service. "I feel greater peace-of-mind knowing 24 Hour Data and 24 Hour Computer are there as a resource for my business. If anyone is looking for amazingly good service at a very fair price, I feel there's no one better."

24 Hour Data President Sean Wade says helping Dallas business owners like Moreland gives his job greater meaning. "Encartele provides an important communication service for correctional and confinement facilities. Inmates view Encartele's phone and video calling services as their lifeline to loved ones. We're proud to assist Encartele with RAID data recovery and repair services to help keep those communication lines open."

About 24 Hour Data

24 Hour Data, based in Dallas, Texas, is an industry leading data recovery firm specializing in logical and physical recovery of hard disk drives, RAID servers, photos, Macs, flash drives, solid state drives, virtual arrays and more. We understand the "human" side of the data recovery business, and offer round-the-clock service and a fast and honest estimate, along with data recovery within 48 hours, in most cases. Go to http://www.24hourdata.com to find out more.